Why Invest in Rare Gold and Silver U.S. Coins

Although the precious metals have been a raging inferno as of late, over the long-term, US coins have consistently outperformed gold and silver bullion by substantial margins. According to past surveys, the PCGS 3000, the annual appreciation of US coins averaged nearly 25 percent over two decades, while gold averaged under 5 percent annually during the same term.  The numismatic market has been more dynamic with its performance. US coins more than tripled that of bullion. Conversely in periods of weakening gold and silver markets, collector US coins have done exceptionally well too, showing a far more modest decline than bullion prices. That is precisely why we at National Coin Broker strongly recommended diversified portfolios, not only to conserve and preserve wealth, but to open up new horizons, practical road-maps for investors as well as serious hobbyists.

I would also be remiss if we were not to discuss what happened in 1933. The Federal government banned private ownership of gold due to the economic pandemonium that ensued after the Stock Market crash of 1929 which left our country reeling economically and emotionally. The loss of faith in holding paper-based assets ushered in the dawn of the Great Depression. All US citizens by federal order were required to turn in all US coins to the government, with one exception, coins struck before 1933 were exempt.  Actually today, the President still has the power to ban private ownership of bulk US coins as directed by FDR’s 1933 mandate (such as Kruggerands or Maple Leafs). But by law, private ownership of rare or numismatic U.S. coins struck before 1933 cannot be prohibited.


Consider Privacy…

An investment in US coins has many benefits that are simply not available in conventional investments. There are no reporting requirements to any federal, state, local or municipal authorities when you make a purchase. Privacy is assured.  Your name or social security number does not appear on any government balance sheet as a result of your purchase or sale of a coin. (Purchasing substantial quantities of gold bullion or bulk US coins require reporting to the IRS.)


Consider Portability…

Literally millions of dollars in US coins would fit nicely into a small box. Storage is very simple.  No elaborate housing is required; an average safe-deposit box will do quite nicely.


Consider Simplicity…

Investors at any level already have a very busy plate; a numismatic investment is not complex.  In fact, it’s one asset that the investor can actually enjoy!  Something tangible that he or she can hold. Coins are a management-free investment. No daily buy/sell decision. No complex forms to fill out, or monthly statements to decipher. No need to worry about interest rates, GNP, balance of trade deficit, and a plethora of other economic problems. With no deeds, tariffs, restrictions or any penalties, US coins can be transferred quickly and confidentially. The long term trend of US coins is up.


There Is One basic Decision Left…

Whether or not to invest in US coins is ultimately your decision. All I ask is that you consult with me and let me, Ross C. Baldwin, explain the superb opportunities that exist. I will address any concerns and answer any questions. Ultimately I feel confident that you will agree that an investment in US coins is truly a wise choice. Once you’ve made that decision, the coin market and your carefully selected portfolio will take care of the rest.

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For more information on Investing in US coins, Please contact Ross C Baldwin at National Coin Broker 800-707-7923. I can custom design a US coin portfolio for you, our valued client, individually based on your needs and area of interest. We want each of our clients to set sail on a positive financial journey with one of our hand selected numismatic road-maps.

Remember, Rare gold and silver US coins are elusive and only get rarer!