Friday’s gold market was negatively effected by the release of U.S. personal spending data, increasing expectations that the Federal Reserve will continue with the tapering program and shrink M1 money supply in the coming months. The new American personal spending numbers are believed to increase the chances that the Fed will start raising benchmark interest rates in 2015, although personal spending data in the coming months could certainly alter that plan.

With current Federal Reserve monthly purchases set at over $50 billion, the enormous injection of capital per month both stimulates inflation and increases the appeal of gold, silver and the other precious metals as an inflationary hedge. Eyes will be focused on Fed Chairman Janet Yellen in the coming weeks as policy takes shape regarding any further tapering measures that the Fed may undertake.

While the U.S. spending data adversely effected gold last week, buyers emerged late in the week to take advantage of the price dips in gold and particularly silver, which ended positive for the day on Friday. National Coin Broker remains committed to helping our investors find the best deals on buying gold and silver, in both rare coin and bullion form. Our expert staff works hand in hand with clients to identify the most profitable buy points in both gold and silver, using our access to the finest in rare coins and gold and silver bullion to maximize investor portfolio values.

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