Vienna Gold Philharmonic


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The Vienna gold Philharmonic coin, produced by the Austrian Mint, is struck from pure 24 karat gold. It is issued every year, in four different face values, sizes and weights. According to the World Gold Council, it was the best-selling gold coin worldwide in 1992, 1995 and 1996.

The coins are minted as demand warrants and production numbers vary from year to year. The design of the coin remains the same each year with only the year of issue changing.

The Philharmonic is also available in silver and platinum.

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Vienna Gold Philharmonic Design


The Vienna gold Philharmonic coin was created by Thomas Pesendorfer and remains unchanged since it’s introduction in 1989.  The obverse features the pipe organ found in the Wiener Musikverein concert hall.

It also has the words “Republik Osterreich” above the organ. Below the organ are the words “1 unze gold 999.9”, with the year of production below them.  The face value of the coin is found along the bottom of the field.


The reverse of the coin features several orchestra instruments, including the horn, bassoon, harp, violin and a cello in the center.  Above the instruments are the words “Wiener Philharmoniker.”

Gold Vienna Philharmonic Specifications

This gold coin is issued in several sizes ranging from 1/25 of an ounce to one full ounce. It is the only gold coin issued with a face value in Euros and is considered legal tender in Austria only. As with all other gold bullion coins, the value of the gold content in the coin far surpasses its assigned face value.

Because the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is legal tender in Austria with actual face value, it is backed by the Austrian government, making it an incredibly safe and secure gold coin investment.

Each year, commemorative coins (non-legal tender gold coins) are struck as part of an overall theme, such as the anniversaries of historical events, Austria and her people series, art history series and more.

These coins are pure, beautiful and internationally recognized, making them a perfect hard asset to add to your collections or investments.

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