US Peace Silver Dollar

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The US Peace Silver Dollar is a silver dollar that was minted in the United States from 1921 to 1928, replacing the Morgan dollar. The design was a result of a contest for a design that best represented the concept of peace.

Each US Peace Silver Dollar contains 24.06 grams of silver.

Year and condition of coins will vary.


US Peace Silver Dollar Design

The US Peace Silver Dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci, the winner of the contest held by the US to find designs representative of peace after the bloody World War 1.  De Francisci was the youngest competitor with the least amount of experience in coinage design.


The obverse features a lady liberty based on the American woman, and Anthony’s wife, Teresa.  The radiating crown on Lady Liberty was modeled after the crown on the Statue of Liberty.

The word LIBERTY rounds out the top field, with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST split to each side of Lady Liberty, and the mint year at the bottom.


The reverse of the US Peace Silver Dollar features an eagle perched on an olive branch, a longstanding depiction of peace in the United States, with the word Peace below the branch.  The top of the field contains UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with E PLURIBUS UNUM below that.

ONE DOLLAR is in the middle of the field, split by the perched eagle.

US Morgan Silver Dollar Minting

The minting of the US Peace silver dollar occurred between 1921 and 1928.  After the passage of the Pittman Act of 1918, the US Treasury was required to mint millions of silver dollars.  This act was in response to a request of aid from British, which needed silver to purchase to combat price increases as a result of World War 1.

The coin was minted in Philadelphia (no mint mark), San Francisco (S), and Denver (D).

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90% silver


George T Morgan


26.73 grams


38.1 mm