Australian Gold Kangaroo

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The Australian Gold Kangaroo is also known as the Gold Nugget. It is one of the world’s purest minted gold bullion coins. The Gold Nugget began production in 1986 and is minted by the Gold Corporation, which is owned by the Western Australia government.

The first several versions of the Gold Nugget design depicted gold nuggets on the reverse, giving the coin its name.

In 1990, the reverse design was altered to feature one of the 60 different species of the Australian kangaroo, changing every year. For this reason, the coin is now referred to as the Gold Kangaroo coin.

The gold Kangaroo is one of two coins that change their design every year. The other is the Chinese gold Panda.

Each coin has a two-tone frosted design, giving it a unique look and adding both to its rarity and numismatic value. Additionally, each coin is covered in a hard plastic shell for extra protection, helping to retain its aesthetic qualities and warrant high numismatic grading.


Australian Gold Kangaroo Design


The obverse of the Australian Gold Kangaroo has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley.


The reverse contains a kangaroo, an iconic representation of Australia.  The design of each kangaroo has changed every year since its initial release in 1989.

Australian Gold Kangaroo Specifications

Australian Gold Kangaroos are issued in one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, one-tenth ounce, and one-twentieth ounce sizes.  They also are assigned a face value of  100 AUD, 50 AUD, 25 AUD, 15 AUD and 5 AUD respectively.

Each coin is minted from pure 24 karat gold.

The Perth Mint also issues a two ounce, ten ounce and one kilogram coin.  They have also set a record for issuing the largest gold coin ever.  This coin weighs over 2226 pounds and a face value of 1 million AUD.  It is over 31 inches in diameter and over 4.5 inches thick.

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99.99% gold


One Kilogram, One Ounce, One-half ounce, One-quarter ounce, One-tenth Ounce, One-twentieth Ounce, Two Ounces


Ian Rank-Broadley