National Coin Broker Is Buying!!

Whether you want to turn your old coins into cash or you need to liquidate your precious metals, National Coin Broker is your first stop to sell.  We pay top dollar for all your old coins and precious metals.  Transactions are easy, discreet and secure.  Don’t go to your local pawn shop!  Sell to National Coin Broker to receive the best price.

Current gold & silver spot prices:

Gold:  $[ign_gold_price weight=”ounce”] per troy ounce

Silver:  $[ign_silver_price weight=”ounce”] per troy ounce

*Spot prices are informational only.  Please call for precise pricing.

Coins & metals we buy:

  • Any coin that is graded by PCGS or NGC
  • US half dollars, quarters and dimes minted 1964 or before
  • US half dollars minted 1965-1970
  • Wartime nickels minted 1942-1945
  • All silver bullion coins, bars, rounds and ingots
  • All gold bullion coins, bars, rounds and ingots
  • All platinum bullion coins

Items we do not buy:

  • Any type of silverware or flatware
  • Any type of sterling silver
  • Gold or silver jewelry
  • Any coins dated after 1964 (except 1965-1970 half dollars)
  • Any type of scrap precious metal
  • Other collectibles such as baseball cards or stamps

Read what others are saying:

“I have found Ross Baldwin of National Coin Broker, Inc. to be an exceptionally honest and knowledgable coin dealer, and his personal service is superb. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in selling or buying gold coins.”
Joseph M. Segel, Founder, The Franklin Mint
“Ross makes the process of selling coins thru the mail easy. He returns calls promptly and is always easy to get In touch with.  Ross is fair, honest and reliable. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Give ross the first shot at buying your coins and you won’t regret it”
Danny, Coin Seller
“I was sort of uneasy about sending my coins to a stranger but I took a chance and it paid off.  Ross was very fair with his prices and very prompt with paying me.  I look forward to doing business with National Coin Broker in the future.”
George S., Coin Seller
“Ross/National Coin Broker was an absolute dream to deal with.  Very fair in his prices; prompt; easy to talk with and get in touch with either by phone or email or even text.  Look forward to doing business with him again.  Great guy!”
Lynn, Coin Buyer
“Ross Baldwin treated me right and had my money in two days. Thank you Ross hope to do business again – 5 stars”
John, Coin Seller
“Thank you Ross for making this experience very simple and profitable for me. This was the best price I was given for a coin I wanted to sell – Ross gave me fair market value for it and I greatly appreciate the fast turnaround. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to buy or sell coins.”
Joan S., Coin Seller
“I just want to say thank you very much for the great service.  I didn’t want to send my collection in the mail but after talking with Ross Baldwin and he explained and helped me through the process and sent me a slip.  Two days later he got my coins and the same day he called me and went over everything with me and explained the values to me.  I agreed to his offer (almost twice as much as my local guy offered me).  Again thank you very much!  PS The check came two days later”
Bob G., Coin Seller
“Awesome transaction. Great rates, no hassle, no BS! Recommended to everyone.”
James B., Coin Buyer
“I read a lot of the reviews and checked out the website. The site is nicely layed out and very informative. I called the number and didn’t expect to get Ross; but he answered. There was no nonsense in the transaction. I was pleased with the agreement, enough to create an account to write a review, and very delighted to do business with someone other than the local coin dealer (not the best experience). Thanks Ross. If I’m further spooked about the value of the American dollar, you will be the one I call.”
Cingy, Coin Buyer
“Doing business with Ross was nice and fast, professional and accurate on what he is doing. I will come to do business again. I will recommend to another person.”
Erik, Coin Buyer
“Ross at National Coin Brokers is a pleasure to do business with. His service is fast, reliable and courteous. On top of that, the price he paid for my gold coins was extremely fair and exceeded my expectations. If I ever buy or sell gold again, I will definitely use National Coin Brokers. I highly recommend this company!”
Charles L., Coin Seller
“If you want an easy affordable way to buy gold or silver, do what I did. I went to and in three days received my silver which was of excellent quality and nicely wrapped. Thanks for the easy transaction, Ross.”
Bob, Coin Buyer
“I have found our dealings with Ross very professional and enlightening. He educates you after finding out what your goals are as to the options and allows you to make informed decisions. His low pressure nature and desire to keep you as a long term client provides us as first time purchases of coins and bullion great comfort.”
Michael Namaste, Coin Buyer
“Ross is a very Honest man, the best buyer and seller in South Florida, gives you fair and honest prices, explains to you thoroughly why he is giving the price, and leaves you as a happy customer and a better human being. Ross is my go to guy for coins and should be yours too.”
Hilton Tynes, Coin Seller
“Ross was extremely helpful and he is clearly an expert in this industry. He gave me the best price for my coins and completed the transaction quickly and efficiently. I will definitely use his services for any future transactions.”
Gwen W., Coin Seller
“Ross Baldwin did an excellent job helping my wife and I to put together a diversified portfolio of gold and silver proofs and coins. The webinars that were offered helped to explain the different options that are available and we are completely satisfied with our purchases. Thank you, Ross, for your honesty and integrity.”
Jacque Gronski, Coin Investor
“Ross Baldwin is a friendly businessman who communicates with you honestly and quickly. He pays top dollar for your coins quickly and courteously. I’d do business with him again.”
Virgil Whetsel, Coin Seller
“National Coin Broker has an unusual methodology where they educate on the best type of investment vehicle depending on your goals and your budget, and sell you the materials at the most competitive price.  They also will buy the materials back from previous clients at the highest price.  Ross Baldwin is also very good about taking and returning phone calls.”
John Newlin, Coin Seller
“This experience was by far the easiest and fastest transaction I’ve ever had in selling bullion to a dealer. At first, I was a little nervous because of the simplicity of the process but Ross is in fact an honest and reputable dealer.   His prices are above fair and he even deposited more in my account than was actually due me. I look forward to buying and selling with him again this Spring! Thanks a million!!”
Keisha Williams, Coin Seller
“This is my second time buying silver for investment purposes from National Coin Broker. Ross was very helpful in explaining to me what would be best for me to buy, that was beneficial to me and DID NOT advise me in a way that would make him the most profit. He was honest and upfront about the transaction when I bought from him previously, so I am ordering more of the 90% silver from him today. This was a fast and easy way to purchase the silver I wanted.”
Nusso, Coin Investor
National Coin Broker and Ross Baldwin took damn good care of me. Sold me silver coins at a good price. Then when the coins were stolen from the  Post Office, he replaced them at his cost! And them mailed them out to me again at his cost. Of course to a different address. You can damn well trust Ross Baldwin and National Coin Broker. “
Robert Burns, Coin Buyer

Selling to us is easy!

We can complete your transaction in a few simple steps.  Because we are a bullion bank, we have private and secure offices, which makes a walk-in impossible.  All of our transactions are completed via mail.

  • If you have items listed in what we will buy above, then please complete the form to the right. Be specific with your coin details, including date and face value, grade or other important information.  Please note we may ask you to send pictures when necessary
  • We will email you a purchase order outlining your submitted coins for sale as well as a shipping label and instructions to send your coins to us.
  • After we receive and evaluate your coins, we will contact you with our offer. If you accept, we will send payment immediately. If not, we will return your coins to you.
  • Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Let us know we succeeded by giving us a review at or on google.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if my package is lost?

All packages sent to us via our postal account are fully insured by our Lloyds of London insurance policy.  If your package becomes lost, we will make a claim on your behalf.

How do you determine the price of the metals I am sending?

The spot price we offer you will be locked in on the day that your package is scanned in at the post office.

Do you pay for numismatic value?

If you have an old coin that is in exceptional condition, we may recommend the coin be graded and will pay you accordingly.  We always try to get you top dollar for all your old coins.

Are my coins insured?

Yes, all coins are insured as soon as you scan the package in at the post office, all the way through our evaluation process.  If something should happen (which hasn’t in several years of buying) we will make a claim on our Lloyds of London insurance policy on your behalf.

What if I decide not to sell to you?

If you no longer wish to sell, we will send your coins back to you.  We only ask that you pay for the shipping costs involved.

How will I get paid?

If you use a bank that we have locally, we will be happy to do a direct deposit for you.  Banks include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and SunTrust.  Otherwise, we will mail a check to you.

Are my coins safe?

National Coin Broker is a member of all the professional grading services as well as national and local numismatic trade associations.  In addition, we have over 180 positive reviews by customers just like you that were completely satisfied with their experience.


Form Completion Instructions

  • All fields of the form are required
  • In the text box to list coins you wish to sell, for graded coins, list each coin separately and include the coin type, grade and grading service.  For example, 1877 $20 PCGS MS65.
  • In the text box to list coins you wish to sell, for all old silver coins, list the face value of each type of coin.  For example, if you have 15 quarters minted 1964 or before, then list you have $3.75 in quarters.
  • In the text box to list coins you wish to sell, for any bullion bars or ingots, list the type of metal and the weight of the bar/ingot.  For example, a 1 oz gold bar or a 10oz silver bar.

You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your request.  This will be followed with another email detailing coins to purchase and instructions with shipping label for you to send them to us.