The Rare Coin Investment Program

The Rare Coin Investment Program, by National Coin Broker, is designed to provide you a diversified portfolio.  During uncertain times, shifting savings and investments into rare coins provides security, and, if done correctly, it can also prove to be an investment that offers gains while most other investments do not. Rare U.S. coins are among a handful of financial assets that do not rely on an issuer’s promise to pay, offering investors refuge from default risk. They provide insurance against extreme market movements and market collapse that often occur during economic change.  And they are beautiful assets!





At National Coin Broker, it is our priority to advise investors on the absolute best strategies, personalized for each collectibles investor, to keep your money safe. With precious metals and rare coins, you have something tangible, with worldwide value that has consistently outperformed traditional investment markets and vehicles. This is the reason we have created the Rare Coin Acquisition Program.

What is the Rare Coin Acquisition Program?

We’ve created a program to build a you a customized collection of rare coins based on your investment goals and objectives.  Our program will save you the time and headache that can go into building a rare coin collection.  We will help you determine the best rare coins for your portfolio, ensuring the quality and value of each coin, as well as the collector appeal for you.  With our program, you won’t have to worry about getting over-priced coins or counterfeit coins.  You will get the best rare coins for your budget.

Benefits of the Rare Coin Acquisition Program

  • We will advise you on which coins to acquire for your collection, based on your goals.
  • We will represent you at any auction you wish or need to participate in.
  • We will make sure your rare coins are authentic and properly valued.
  • We will ensure an easy exit strategy – we would never sell you a coin we weren’t willing to buy back.

Why Invest in Rare US Coins?


Although precious metals have been a raging inferno as of late, over the long-term, US rare coins have consistently outperformed gold and silver bullion by substantial margins.

According to past surveys, the PCGS 3000, the annual appreciation of US coins, averaged nearly 25 percent over two decades, while gold averaged under 5 percent annually during the same term.  The numismatic market historically has been more dynamic with its performance.

Rare US coins more than tripled in valued when compared to bullion coins.

Conversely, in periods of weakening gold and silver markets, rare US coins have done exceptionally well too, showing a far more modest decline than bullion prices.  That is precisely why we at National Coin Broker strongly recommend adding rare US coins to diversify your portfolio.

Key dates and rarities index

“Key Date” and ultra rare coins have, in the past, been excellent investments.

A “Key Date” coin is generally considered to be the most important coin in a series, usually the lowest mintage and, or most expensive.

Rarity is based simply the number of specimens extant of a particular item.

The coins represented by this Index, increased in value 9,523% since January 1970. By comparison, the Dow Jones Industrial average has risen 1,340% since 1970.

Client Testimonials

“I have found Ross Baldwin of National Coin Broker, Inc. to be an exceptionally honest and knowledgable coin dealer, and his personal service is superb. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in selling or buying gold coins.”
Joseph M. Segel, Founder, The Franklin Mint
“Ross/National Coin Broker was an absolute dream to deal with.  Very fair in his prices; prompt; easy to talk with and get in touch with either by phone or email or even text.  Look forward to doing business with him again.  Great guy!”
Lynn, Coin Buyer
“Awesome transaction. Great rates, no hassle, no BS! Recommended to everyone.”
James B., Coin Buyer
“I read a lot of the reviews and checked out the website. The site is nicely layed out and very informative. I called the number and didn’t expect to get Ross; but he answered. There was no nonsense in the transaction. I was pleased with the agreement, enough to create an account to write a review, and very delighted to do business with someone other than the local coin dealer (not the best experience). Thanks Ross. If I’m further spooked about the value of the American dollar, you will be the one I call.”
Cingy, Coin Buyer
“Doing business with Ross was nice and fast, professional and accurate on what he is doing. I will come to do business again. I will recommend to another person.”
Erik, Coin Buyer
“If you want an easy affordable way to buy gold or silver, do what I did. I went to and in three days received my silver which was of excellent quality and nicely wrapped. Thanks for the easy transaction, Ross.”
Bob, Coin Buyer
“I have found our dealings with Ross very professional and enlightening. He educates you after finding out what your goals are as to the options and allows you to make informed decisions. His low pressure nature and desire to keep you as a long term client provides us as first time purchases of coins and bullion great comfort.”
Michael Namaste, Coin Buyer
“Ross Baldwin did an excellent job helping my wife and I to put together a diversified portfolio of gold and silver proofs and coins. The webinars that were offered helped to explain the different options that are available and we are completely satisfied with our purchases. Thank you, Ross, for your honesty and integrity.”
Jacque Gronski, Coin Investor
“This is my second time buying silver for investment purposes from National Coin Broker. Ross was very helpful in explaining to me what would be best for me to buy, that was beneficial to me and DID NOT advise me in a way that would make him the most profit. He was honest and upfront about the transaction when I bought from him previously, so I am ordering more of the 90% silver from him today. This was a fast and easy way to purchase the silver I wanted.”
Nusso, Coin Investor
National Coin Broker and Ross Baldwin took damn good care of me. Sold me silver coins at a good price. Then when the coins were stolen from the  Post Office, he replaced them at his cost! And them mailed them out to me again at his cost. Of course to a different address. You can damn well trust Ross Baldwin and National Coin Broker. “
Robert Burns, Coin Buyer

Free Investors Guide to Rare Coins & Precious Metals

Included in the free guide:

  • Difference Between Bullion and Numismatic Coins
  • Advantages of Investing in Numismatic Coins
  • Advantages of Investing in Bullion Coins
  • Information on Precious Metals IRAs
  • List of Coins that Qualify for IRAs
  • Extensive FAQ

PLEASE NOTE: This guide does not have information available for those looking to sell old coins.  If you are interested in selling your coins, please  Click here to sell to us