Rare U.S. Quarter Collection

Browse the National Coin Broker rare U.S. quarter coin collection.  Our rare quarters are available for sale or trade.  We also want to buy rare U.S. quarters.  In order to be considered rare, a US quarter should be minted prior to 1964 when it still contained 90% silver, (although this is not the only criteria to make them rare).  This is also referred to as 90% silver quarter or a junk silver quarter.  National Coin Broker also sells non-graded rare US quarters in bulk.

Rare US Quarters for Sale

Rare US Quarter Designs

US quarters have been minted since 1796 and have had 6 different designs, as well as two different sets minted.

Between 1796 and 1807, the quarters were called draped bust quarters.  These are the oldest minted quarters and considered quite rare in any condition.

Between 1815 and 1838, the quarter design was referred to as the capped bust quarter.  These are not quite as rare as the draped bust quarter, but can be difficult to attain.

The next quarters minted in the US, between 1838 and 1891, were the seated liberty quarter.  This design was used on most US coins of the time, including the dime and half dollar.  View our 1857 seated liberty quarter for sale.

In 1893, Congress authorized the minting of a special quarter – the Isabella quarter.  This unique commemorative coin depicts the Spanish queen Isabella I of Castile, who sponsored Columbus’s voyages to the New World and was designed by Charles Barber.  View our 1893 Isabella quarter for sale.

The next change in design happened in 1892, when Chief Engraver of the US Mint Charles Barber submitted his new design.  This coin design appeared on several coins, including dimes and half dollars.  The Barber quarter was minted until 1916 when it was changed again because of mixed reviews on the eye appeal of the Barber design.

From 1916 to 1930, the quarter design was the Standing Liberty, created by sculptor Herman Atkins MacNeil.  The short run of this design was replaced by the traditional Washington quarter that we are all familiar with.

The Washington quarter was minted from 1932 until today, with changes appearing in the reverse of the coin.  Since 1999, the US Mint has issued the state quarters, the US Territories quarters and now the America the Beautiful quarters, but each still features Washington on the obverse.