The Perth Mint produces a range of Gold Minted Bars. These bullion bars come in 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz and 10oz sizes. Representing an exceptionally convenient way to store physical gold all minted bars are priced at a dollar premium over metal.

Perth Mint 1 oz Gold Bar

The Perth Mint’s range of Minted Bars feature The Perth Mint logo and hopping kangaroo motifs. Each bar, which displays its weight and purity, is packaged in a green tamper-proof display card.

While the fabrication cost of bars is generally lower than coins, if portability and international tradability is important to you we suggest you consider our bullion coins.

The Perth Mint
The Perth Mint in Western Australia was set up in 1899 as a branch of the British Royal Mint, primarily to refine gold whihc had been discovered in the area, and coin it into gold sovereigns. Although it ceased to produce sovereigns in 1931, and is no longer a branch of the Royal Mint, it remains one of two official government mints in Australia. The Sydney Mint which opened in 1855 closed in 1926, and the Melbourne Mint operated from 1872 to 1931. The newest of the Australian Mints, the Royal Australian Mint was opened in 1965 to handle the large volume of circulation coins which would be needed for Australia’s conversion to decimal currency. So the Perth Mint is the oldest existing Australian mint, and has always specialised in precious metals, particularly gold.

Current Prices (informational only)

  • 5 gram Perth gold bullion bar – $
[metal_price metal=”gold” “unit”=”ounce” weight=”.1575″ plus=”75″]
  • 10 gram Perth gold bullion bar  – $[metal_price metal=”gold” “unit”=”ounce” weight=”.315″ plus=”75″]
  • 20 gram Perth gold bullion bar  – $[metal_price metal=”gold” “unit”=”ounce” weight=”.63″ plus=”75″]
  • One ounce Perth gold bullion bar  – $[metal_price metal=”gold” “unit”=”ounce” weight=”1″ plus=”75″]
  • Ten ounce Perth gold bullion bar  – $[metal_price metal=”gold” “unit”=”ounce” weight=”10″ plus=”75″]
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