1927-S $20 MS64 - an extremely rare gold coin

A couple of otherworldly dates exist in the Saint Gauden’s double eagle series that are classified as virtually uncollectible. The 1933 is certainly one, while the 1927-D is another.  Both of these coins sell for seven figures!

While the 1927-S doesn’t share the same stage as the 1927-D or 1933, it is popular and important for its close association with the 1927-D, which last sold for $1.8 Million! The 1927-S is incredibly rare, but instead of being available to only the top 0.001% of collectors like the 1927-D, it is available to the top 1%.

Few were saved from the annals of the Great Depression, the Gold Confiscation Order of 1933 and other mass meltdowns.

Decades ago it was appreciated as the fourth rarest date of the entire series, an allure that has not faded with time.

An MS64 hasn’t been made available openly in more than three years. All MS65’s are worth six-figure sums, and an MS67 last sold in excess of $300,000.

This coin would not apologize for inclusion in a mostly gem collection of Saints, and the opportunity to acquire it in this lofty grade may not come around again for years .

One of the most important moments in a gold rarity collectors life is here and now.  If you are interested in adding this beautiful and extremely rare coin to your collection, please call today before it is gone.