1861 $10 Gilt Judd-285 NGC Proof 64 – finest known of 3 in existence!

“God Our Trust.” It was a little behind-the-scenes experiment at the U.S. Mint for a few years during the Civil War. The nation would ultimately bring about the full motto “In God We Trust” on all the coinage in 1866, but every great masterpiece starts with a blueprint. If you were to acquire it in gold, the 1861 Proof $10 would run you over $150,000 in this grade. As a Gilt example it is even rarer, and is the FINEST KNOWN of only 3 that are known in Gilt for Judd-285. Pattern coinage has been the stuff of numismatic [...]

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1857-S $20 SS Central America Shipwreck Coin

It is awe inspiring to think that not that long ago, this coin was resting on the bottom of the ocean, 8500 feet from air and sunshine, thought to be lost forever.  Now, you have the opportunity to own a unique piece of history. In September, 1857, the SS Central America sailed into the fury of a category 2 hurricane off the coast of North Carolina. Our coin was on its last leg of a journey that took it from California, through Panama City, and into the Atlantic, heading to its final destination of New York. Of course it [...]

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1857 25C PR65 with a CAC – None Finer!

This quarter is a wonderful and highly important Gem proof with light gold and turquoise toning on the obverse and richer gold, blue, and sea-green toning on the reverse. Both sides have remarkably well preserved fields and bold design elements with exceptional field-to-device contrast, nearly sufficient for a Cameo designation. Over the last two decades, Heritage Auctions have offered 24 opportunities to bid on a proof 1857 quarter, including just four examples in PR65 or finer grades. However, they have never before offered a PCGS certified example of this issue finer than PR64. Not only that, there are no known [...]

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1877 Gold Dollar PCGS PR55 – Only 20 Minted

The proof 1877 gold dollar is a great rarity, and underrated as such. Of the 20 pieces struck, just 13 to 15 examples are thought to survive in all grades, two of which are out of collectors' hands in the Smithsonian Institution and the ANS. The combined PCGS and NGC population of 24 pieces is highly inflated by resubmissions. In more than two decades, a proof 1877 has been offered on auction on only eight occasions. This piece is the single lowest-certified example, an ideal choice for the budget-conscious collector. Slight friction in the fields allows significant mirroring to shine [...]

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1866 $20 With Motto NGC Proof 60 – Only 30 minted!

The ground remained soaked with the tears of an entire nation. The soil still stained in blood. The earth beneath the stars and stripes lay scorched from four long years of hell… At the end of it all, Congress decided it was time for something bold. Since our founding fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence, the nation was a staunch proponent for the separation of church and state. But this was different…the people needed their government to tell them there was something better than all this misery. That there was some divine answer in a puzzle of unanswerable mysteries. [...]

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