Hello, thank you for contacting me.  My name is Ross Baldwin and I am President of National Coin Broker.  I look forward to your business, comments, suggestions and would like to get better acquainted with you.

We are an active and aggressive buyer of all quality PCGS, NGC and CAC graded coins, especially those extremely desirable keys and underrated treasures. We attend all major shows on the circuit and can represent you at all major auctions.  Yes, we are passionate about what we do.

Please feel free to send me your want lists and either myself or an experienced staff numismatist will address your request and personally get back to you pronto.

If your holdings warrant, we will travel to your location. We sincerely want to assist you in acquiring the finest quality rare coins and bullion coins available for your top tier registry set or advanced diversified portfolio.

Whether buying or selling, we want your business.  Please feel free to come to my office, call me or use the form below.  I look forward to hearing from you!