Generic US Gold Coins: MS-62 – MS-66 Graded

The following certified US gold coins all graded by PCGS or NGC, all share the distinction of being numismatic quality coins.

US Gold Coins

The most common type within each series will be hand selected for you at National Coin Broker by me Ross C Baldwin.

In some instances, one of my numismatic professionals will also share in the selection, however each and every purchase is carefully reviewed by me before the order is shipped to the client.

It is important to note while the coins are considered numismatic as they trade above the intrinsic value in many cases the coins are only marginally higher than the bullion coins or bars.

The value to us seems enormous; a small percentage paid to have numismatic quality US gold coins insures that when markets fluctuate, your investment and your collection will maintain the lion’s share of its value.

Let us be your source for quality generic US gold coins

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Buying US Gold Coins in the generic gold market can be quite impulsive due to world market conditions and prices can fluctuate by the hour. As a result, the prices quoted below should be used only as a general indicator of current market value as of the date indicated.

When you call, I will be able to quote you a firm buy/sell price for any denomination/grade range selection you may be interested in.


Last Updated 9/26/13 MS-62 MS-63 MS-64 MS-65 MS-66
Type 1 Gold Dollar $765 $1000 $1475 $4550 Call
Type 2 Gold Dollar $3550 $8200 $13475 Call Call
Type 3 Gold Dollar $625 $730 $1100 $1975 Call
$2.50 Liberty $575 $700 $975 $1625 Call
$2.50 Indian $590 $835 $1525 $2550 Call
Three Dollar Gold $3750 $5275 $7875 $15200 Call
$5.00 Liberty $620 $775 $1350 $2700 Call
$5.00 Indian $845 $2000 $3375 Call Call
$10.00 Liberty $990 $1200 $1720 $3750 Call
$10.00 Indian $1025 $1250 $2000 $3150 Call
$20.00 Liberty $1900 $1970 $2175 $3650 Call
$20.00 St Gaudens $1810 $1860 $1910 $2200 Call


All Generic US Gold coins are certified by PCGS or NGC as we feel these are the best quality coins available on the market today.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing volatility within the metals arena, prices are subject to change and some items may not be available at all times. However, we strive to have all coins available at the time the list is published or updated.