Ocean divers discovered what they believe to be the gold and silver treasure of seventeenth century Scottish pirate William Kidd in the seas off the shores of Madagascar. The divers were able to bring to the mainland an impressive fifty kilogram silver bar worth a reported $26,000. The massive silver bar was discovered near the coast of the island of Sainte Marie from what is believed to be the wreck of the galley ship known as Adventure. The historically significant silver ingot from the Captain Kidd pirate treasure was then presented to the President of Madagascar at a special event to commemorate the remarkable discovery.

Captain Kidd, considered one of history’s greatest and most successful pirates, had amassed a fortune through pillaging and looting estimated to be worth $12,000,000 in today’s dollars. His gold and silver treasure was discovered by a team of divers led by American archeologist and explorer Barry Clifford.  Clifford also discovered the only pirate shipwreck off of U.S. waters on record, the pirate ship Whydah off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1984.

Captain Kidd pirate treasure discovered
Captain Kidd, who was initially hired by the British government to track down and capture pirates, soon found out that it was actually the pirate life that suited him best. After a long and successful career, however, he was arrested for piracy and hanged in London near the Thames river in 1701.

Over three centuries later, Captain Kidd and the treasure amassed through his many exploits are once again the talk of the town.

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