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Buy Gold Coins For Your Gold IRA

Buy Gold Coins for Your Gold IRA When you buy gold coins, you’re not just collecting a nugget of value. You could be making a significant contribution to your IRA and your plans for retirement. Buying gold coins, gold bullion and rare gold coins is the only way to ensure that your future fiscal worth is able to meet and indeed exceed inflation expectations. When You Buy Gold Coins You Are Buying A "Currency" Gold is a currency, in the same way that paper money and some commodities are considered currencies. Paper money though, is not inflation [...]

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Buy Rare Gold Coins – Collectibles With Added Value

The chance to buy rare gold coins is not one to be missed if you’re looking at investing in gold or buying gold coins for an IRA. Rare gold coins are one of the only investments that have managed to beat the markets, buck the financial trends and ensure excellent long-term yields for the people who own them. The biggest factor driving the higher prices when you buy gold coins that are rare is the fact that they are not produced any more. The last of these coins to be minted were in the early 1930’s. This means that the amount [...]

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Unique Affordable Rare Gold Coins

Rare gold coins are the object of desire for any true numismatist that wants to have an impressive collection which he can boast proudly. However, not all coin collections are worth the same. Some of the most valuable coins on this planet are worth millions of dollars because of the fact that there are only a few left in the entire world. That means that only a lucky few can add them to their collections. However, there are millions of passionate coin collectors in the world, so they have to settle for other gold coins that are somewhere in [...]

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Buying Gold Coins Against The Dollar

Buying gold coins has been established as a firm financial strategy against a number of economic factors that can directly impact your future. Buying gold coins as a hedge against inflation or as a way to stay out of the increasingly volatile currency market, is the choice of many investors. Buying Gold Coins To Beat Currency Devaluation The world is in a debt crisis and many governments have started printing more money. More money means more debt and more debt means a weakened economy. In the simplest of terms:  You cannot print gold bullion when it runs out. A [...]

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Type 2 Gold Dollar – The Indian Princess Gold Dollar

In 1854, the US Mint issued the redesigned gold dollar with an increased diameter of 15 mm. As planned, neither its weight nor its composition was changed. Type 2 Gold Dollar James Longacre designed a new obverse for the coin based on his work with the three-dollar piece. The head depicted on the obverse has commonly been described as an “Indian princess,” and gave this type its name. However, historians have suggested that the design is actually based on a Roman marble figure, to which a headdress was added by Longacre. More specifically, it has been suggested [...]

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