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Gold Breaks Key Resistance Level

Yesterday, gold broke the key resistance level of $117O an ounce and closed the day up $22.50 at $1188.70. This is the first time in the past four years that the gold market is starting to see a pattern of higher highs and higher lows. When this occurs we are most likely to see brokers recommend their clients buy the metals complex. The dollar is also challenging the August 24th low of 92.52 with a close of 93.97. There is a very good chance that the lows in the metals markets now have a firm bottom in place. Please feel free [...]

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Rate Cuts Combined with QE Now a Deadly Deflationary Cocktail

With current fed policy of no interest rate hikes, banks have no incentive to make loans, and treasury bonds (T-bonds) are now the asset of choice. The T-bond money is squandered by governments, and money velocity implodes. The bottom line is that bank and government wealth is inflated by quantitative easing (QE), and the wealth of the average person is massively deflated. “QE to infinity” is better described as “deflation to infinity”. When Leman Brothers collapsed in 2008, US money velocity peaked, and the markets could have entered a multi-decade bear market. This event resulted in the Fed forcing savers [...]

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Jobs Numbers Disappoint – Another Reason to Invest in Metals

Friday’s jobs numbers came in at a disappointing 142,000 new jobs in September.  The consensus range was in the area of 180-235,000 new jobs. To further complicate this report, non-farm payrolls were expected to bounce back in September after a subpar 173,000 in August, but they didn't. Large upward revisions are common for August, the result of adjustment timing for the beginning of the school year.  Yet this year, they were adjusted down 37,000 actual jobs. To seal the matter, downward revisions to June and July totaled negative 59,000 jobs. Wage pressures are not expected to accelerate job growth [...]

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A History and Explanation of What Fiat Currency Is

Prior to 1913, the U.S. currency was a representative currency called the U.S. Note (USN).  It is called a representative currency because its value was backed by gold and silver. With the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) was created which was also backed by gold and silver. The USN’s and the FRN’s were circulated side by side, and were accepted by the public as one and the same. Gradually, the USN’s were recalled and destroyed. What remained was solely the FRN and while it was backed by gold and silver, the FRN (called a dollar) [...]

HSBC Predicts 10% Increase in Gold Price by End of 2015

Hong Kong and Singapore Bank (HSBC) predicts gold prices will be up 10% by the end of this year. If their predictions come to pass, the price of gold would be approximately $1225. HSBC Bank bases their prediction on the belief that commentators from Goldman Sachs are wrong to believe higher interest rates will cause gold to sell off to a lower price. I agree with HSBC. I believe the market has been anticipating higher interest rates for the past two years and the price declines have already been mostly factored into the market. I also do not believe [...]

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