About National Coin Broker

National Coin Broker was established to help educate investors and collectors in buying rare coins safely and easily. We deliver to you high quality numismatic issues, copper, silver and rare gold coins, each with individualized data that support our selections. We at National Coin Broker are 100% dedicated to our customers. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Our integrity is proven by the hundreds of passionate collectors and experienced investors that choose to do business with us.  These are people to whom we deliver exceptional deals on valuable rare coins every day. Our singular standard of professionalism is unrivaled in this industry.

With a trained staff of numismatic professionals, we have three offices in Hallandale Beach and Coral Springs, Florida, and in New York, New York.

National Coin Broker Industry Affiliations

  • American Numismatic Association (ANA) Life Members
  • CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) Authorized Submission Center
  • PCGS  (Professional Coin Grading Service) Authorized Dealer
  • NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corp) Authorized Dealer
  • Certified Coin Exchange
  • ANS (American Numismatic Society)

National Coin Broker provides the service that investors and collectors need—a stellar commitment to outstanding performance and A+ results. So whether you are looking to purchase truly rare gold coins or gold coins with semi-numismatic value as a diversification in your hard assets portfolio, we want to be your trusted source.

National Coin Broker Investment Strategy

Given today’s economy, investors are no longer assured that traditional investments provide safety or security. We no longer know how much money will be needed to live well in the future. Certainly, the majority of investors do not concern themselves with how to rise above a potential disruption in the American paper money system or even the current banking and finance system. Amazingly, the majority of investors have no “hard asset” investments while a small percentage of others may begrudgingly add some 90% silver coins or buy gold coins as a hedge.

We believe that rare coin investing is bedrock for any long-term financial portfolio. Rare coins are so desirable because they are portable, private, liquid, have an outstanding profit record and global appeal. In addition, they have a 100% guarantee of economic worth during economic stress.

We also believe in assisting our investors and collectors buy rare coins because they do not undergo dramatic or unexpected price swings like stocks, gold futures and other commodities. When we say “buy gold coins,” we are referring to those collector issues with a track record and established rarity. It is estimated there are more than 35,000,000 coin collectors and investors who buy, sell and trade coins regularly. This provides a groundswell of solidarity because collectors tend not to sell. To them, it is a hobby, not an investment. Typically their coins are in large collections, which are used as legacies for the next generation. This creates steady and consistent demand.

In sum, when buying rare coins, you do not have to worry about daily buy or sell decisions, interest rates, GNP, balance of trade deficit or any other economic problems. The long-term graph of early federal coins and rare gold coins is rising. Let National Coin Broker help you take advantage of this worry-free investment with a rare coin portfolio designed specifically for your needs.

What We Do

National Coin Broker chooses only those high quality rare coins that have unparalleled potential for our customers. However, because all coins are not literally “rare,” we ensure that those we select have every reason to increase in value based upon supply and demand. We recommend buying only classic rarities that are associated with significant milestones in the history of our country as well as key dates within popularly collected series.  We provide each client with a comprehensive plan so that he or she can become the holder of extraordinarily valuable coins for the future. In essence, you will be a “depository” for future collectors.
National Coin Broker