“God Our Trust.” It was a little behind-the-scenes experiment at the U.S. Mint for a few years during the Civil War. The nation would ultimately bring about the full motto “In God We Trust” on all the coinage in 1866, but every great masterpiece starts with a blueprint.

If you were to acquire it in gold, the 1861 Proof $10 would run you over $150,000 in this grade. As a Gilt example it is even rarer, and is the FINEST KNOWN of only 3 that are known in Gilt for Judd-285.

Pattern coinage has been the stuff of numismatic dreams for a long time. Many of the greatest, multi-million dollar rarities coveted by collectors belong to this elite group of coins produced by the U.S. Mint.

Anything from the $4 Stella to the recent sale of the Quntuple Eagle for $1.8 Million are patterns, and the present Gilt $10 is an extraordinary opportunity to tuck away the finest of 3 that are known.