It is awe inspiring to think that not that long ago, this coin was resting on the bottom of the ocean, 8500 feet from air and sunshine, thought to be lost forever.  Now, you have the opportunity to own a unique piece of history.

In September, 1857, the SS Central America sailed into the fury of a category 2 hurricane off the coast of North Carolina. Our coin was on its last leg of a journey that took it from California, through Panama City, and into the Atlantic, heading to its final destination of New York. Of course it never made it. The SS Central America sank on the evening of September 12, 1857, taking 425 lives and it’s golden treasure to the bottom of the ocean.

What makes this rare gold coin even more interesting, from an historical perspective, is that it was one of the first double eagles minted by the new San Francisco mint, which had begun producing gold coins in 1854. The San Francisco mint was tasked with turning all the gold coming from California during the Gold Rush into coins