Introducing the Silver Lease Program

Silver lease program - grow your investment and keep your position

Cash Dividends on Silver Assets

National Coin Broker is excited to offer silver investors and bulk silver holders a brand new Silver Lease Program.  The program offers a CASH PAYMENT of 3.9% of your silver value, without losing your position.

For owners of 500+ ounces of silver, whether in a depository account or an IRA, you can now earn a 3.9% dividend per ounce leased under the program, and you may be able to lend your silver holdings twice per month.  This cash payout occurs every time your silver is leased.

There is no other program available where you maintain possession of your silver and earn a monthly cash dividend on your holdings.

Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic program!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Because of such high demand for silver, we lease your silver in order to fulfill our orders for bulk silver purchases.
  2. We take possession of your silver for a couple of days to fulfill our orders.
  3. Once we receive our back-ordered silver, we return your silver to your depository account (usually within a few days).
  4. You are paid a 3.9% yearly, per ounce leased, with a guaranteed lease once per month.  It is possible we will borrow your silver twice per month, in which case you will earn the 7.8% dividend that month.

Program Participant Testimonial

I bought silver when it was $34 an ounce. When the price began to decline, I knew I would be waiting awhile to profit off of my investment. National Coin Broker approached me about leasing my silver holdings, and I was more than willing to try it. Now, I’m earning a cash dividend on my silver every month, bringing down my average cost. Once the price goes back up and I can sell, I will make an even bigger profit. I highly recommend you try this program if you are sitting on silver holdings. It’s a no brainer!
Bob, program participant

Potential Silver Lease Program ROI:

  • You purchase 5000 ounces of silver at $20 per ounce = $100,000 investment
  • You lease your silver under our Silver Lease Program – $100,000 x 3.9% = $3900 per year
  • Each month your silver is leased – $3900 per year / 12 months = $325 per month
  • $3,900 yearly return on $100,000 invested = 3.9% ROI
  • If your silver is leased twice per month, double your ROI to a 7.8%.

Program Benefits

  1. Monthly cash payments
  2. Never lose your position
  3. Available for gold, platinum and palladium investments also
  4. Precious metal IRA accounts are eligible to participate
  5. Free depository account included – don’t pay for storage
  6. Great prices on silver if you need to purchase as well

If you are in possession of bulk silver assets (or need to purchase silver) and would like to take advantage of this unique, money making program, please contact us today by calling 800-707-7923 or filling in the form.

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