Buying Rare and Investment Grade Gold Coins Part 1

For those looking to buy rare coins, the most coveted variety is, as always, gold coins. The intrinsic value of the metal is enough to make rare gold coins the most desirable, and the beauty of many of the gold coins created over the years only adds to the demand for these artistic works. The choices when it comes to purchasing gold coins are numerous and include commemorative gold coins, investment grade gold bullion coins, rare U.S. gold coins and foreign gold coins. Each type has its own unique appeal, and combined they offer rare coin collectors a wide selection and price range to add to their collections.

1982 marked the year that the United States mint began to once again create American commemorative gold coins, and their first issue since the sale of gold coins was outlawed in 1933 was the 1984 Summer Olympics commemorative gold coin. The popularity and […]

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Gold Holding Firm Over $1300 as International Violence Continues

Gold rallied strongly last Friday, making its way back from the $1290 level back to just under $1310 as tensions mounted in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip. Early Monday morning trading has seen a slight pullback of gold to $1304 in response to a strong U.S. dollar, but the end to a cease fire between Israel and Hamas over the weekend could very well push the yellow metal higher in the coming days.

Precious metals investors will be looking to the Federal Reserve meeting later this week for clues as to the direction of gold and silver. The Fed policy meeting and U.S. economic data reports due in the next several days will set the tone for the perceived overall strength of the U.S. economy and which direction the Fed will go with inflation, interest rates and macro economic policy. The U.S. employment data figures will be especially important as a measure […]

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Gold Price Holds Steady as Geopolitical Risks Mount

Gold traded for most of last week in a range between $1295-$1320 as economic and political tensions mounted around the globe. Trading hit the $1340 level the previous week to reach a new four month high in response to the suspension of the shares of the largest bank in Portugal, Banco Espirito Santo, after a collapse of its share price by nearly 20%. Portuguese national bonds hit nearly 4% as concerns grew over the stability of the Portuguese economy and the lack of confidence was spread to other European countries as well. The Banco Espirito Santo shares rebounded later in the week as it sufficiently rebuffed concerns over its ability to meet capital requirements, but questions linger about the health of the Portuguese economy and that of Europe as a whole.

Meanwhile, a commercial jet was shot down over Ukraine killing over 300 passengers and crew. The Malaysian Airlines jet […]

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Determining the Value of Your Rare Coin Collection

For those looking to buy rare coins, sell rare coins or just to determine what their rare coin collection is worth, there are several factors that must be considered in discovering what kind of prices these rare coins command. Some of the main factors in determining rare coin value are condition, grade, scarcity, demand and melt value.  Let’s take a look at each of these criteria.
Rare Coin Condition and Grade
The highest grades of rare coins are uncirculated and mint states. Uncirculated coins are straight from the mint and have no wear whatsoever, with a shine to them as bright as the day they were minted. Maximum value is retained in this condition, and this is the ideal condition for rare coin collectors. Mint state perfect (MS-70) is the highest possible grade, with no flaws visible by microscope at 8x power, sharp and centered strike, and a bright luster reflected […]

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Caring for and Storing Your Rare Coin Collection

Rare coin collections are personal items, often of considerable value, that need to be stored and handled properly to maintain the value and integrity of the coins. Rare coins are for the most part metallic (there are some ceramic Asian coins and coins of other materials) and will not respond well to certain climactic and storage factors, especially if your coins are not protected in a grading slab.

Humidity is arguably a rare coin collection’s worst enemy.  With the exception of gold, metal coins do not respond well to water or water vapor that is present in humid air, which can wreak havoc on your coin collection if the coins are not stored and protected properly. Another factor is the quality of air where you live and where your rare coin collection is stored.  Poor air quality and air pollution will cause damage to rare coins just as it would on […]

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