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Precious Metals Investing with Rare Coins & Bullion

It is an ongoing process of learning about the bullion, rare coins and even jewelry that are all part of the precious metals investments world.  Knowledge gained often leads to a greater desire to accumulate even more of these valuable and aesthetic hard assets.

Rare coin collectors tend to appreciate the variety available to them and the beauty of the individual rare coins themselves, above and beyond the inherent value of their precious metal content. Rare coins instead hold a history and beauty that can’t be replicated with bullion.  These coins have survived time and use and quite often have a story to tell.  Rare coins are a treasure asset that, while growing in value, also provide a beautiful representation of your hard assets.  They are much more than a number at the bottom of your balance sheet.

Precious metals investors who focus on bullion as their form of choice do so […]

Buying Silver for Your Individual Retirement Account

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) are simply one of the best ways that Americans can save for their retirements, and they are particularly attractive to those of us who buy precious metals. IRA’s allow an investor to legally make deductions from one’s income tax.   Tying those deductions to investments in precious metals is a win-win scenario if there ever was one!

It is important to keep in mind that investors are only allowed to add a certain amount of assets to an IRA each year, and as always you must play by the rules when it comes to IRAs and tax laws to avoid penalties and time consuming conflict with tax authorities. IRA contribution and deduction guidelines must be followed carefully, and once this is done you will have a clear idea of how much money you can invest in precious metals in any given year and how much those investments […]

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Central Banks Accumulating Large Quantities of Gold

Central banks around the world have been accumulating gold for their national coffers in an effort to bolster their domestic economies. Russia has been on a particular tear, with President Vladimir Putin defiantly attempting to stabilize the Russian economy.  This effort comes in the face of international economic sanctions and the serious decline in the price of Russian oil.

Russia is reported to have purchased 115 tonnes of gold this year alone.  This is a sharp increase over the last two years in which they bought around 75 tonnes each year. Russia is partially motivated to buy gold in an effort to offset a reluctance of Western banks to purchase gold from Russian miners.

As the Swiss referendum on mandatory national gold reserves approaches later this month, more and more of the world’s major economic powers appear to be determined to increase their national gold reserves. With gold appearing to have bottomed […]

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Gold Climbs as the U.S. Dollar Weakens and Inflation Rises

From a technical perspective, traders are looking for gold to cross over $1205 an ounce this week for a short term rally to be confirmed.   They also look for gold to hit $1225 an ounce for an even stronger confirmation of a late year rally.

Traders and investors who buy silver coins and bullion are expecting the precious metal to hit $16.50 an ounce for signs of a further rally. That price point is both technically and psychologically important for silver, which is prone to violent moves to the upside. Investors have been piling in to silver coins and bullion in recent weeks to take advantage of the bargain pricing, to the extent that the U.S. Mint recently ran out of American Eagle silver coins for delivery.

The stage is set for a year ending rally in gold and silver as gold tries to break through $1200 an ounce and silver […]

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U.S. Mint Resumes American Silver Eagle Sales

The United States Mint has resumed its sales of American Eagle silver coins, after a massive wave of demand wiped out the mint’s inventory. Low silver prices have led to nearly unprecedented demand as investors worldwide continue to flock to it as an undervalued store of real money. The Mint plans to have one million Silver Eagles available for purchase.  It remains to be seen if the quantity offered will prove to be sufficient to quench investor demand.

Despite the allocation process, sales of the iconic silver coins set a record last year, with over 42 million coins sold in 2013.  That number is expected to rise significantly by the end of 2014.

No firm date has beet set for the release of the 2015 American Silver Eagle coins.   Early January is deemed as a likely time frame. With the price of silver having risen last week, but still trading at […]

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