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US Mint Releasing 2015 Gold American Eagle Coins

The US Mint has announced that it will release to the public the 2015 uncirculated American gold Eagle coin on April 30, 2015.  An American classic featuring Lady Liberty on the obverse, the gold eagle is one of the most popular gold bullion coins around the world.

The US Mint sold 519,500 ounces of gold in the 2014 American Eagle program, including one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce coins.  This compares to 871,000 ounces sold for 2013 coins.  These include both collector proof and uncirculated coins as well as general bullion coins.

With the exception of uncirculated and proof bullion coins, the US Mint doesn’t sell bullion coins, including the American gold and silver eagles, directly to the public.   If you are interested in purchasing any bullion coins, whether the American gold or silver Eagle or the gold Buffalo, please call National Coin Broker today at 800-707-7923.

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Russia Central Bank Still Accumulating Gold

According to multiple media outlets, the Russian Central Bank is once again aggressively accumulating gold bullion, reflecting the determination of Russian president Vladimir Putin to stabilize the faltering Russian economy with a strong backbone of hard assets. The Russian Central Bank reportedly purchased 28 tons of gold bullion in March of this year, the largest one month purchase amount since September of 2014.

Russia now possesses well over 1,000 tons of gold, with the latest figures indicating a reserve amount of 1,128 tons. This places Russia at fifth of all nations in terms of gold reserves, trailing only France, Italy, Germany and the United States. What prompted the Russians to once again begin accumulating gold is by all accounts the rise in the value of the Russian ruble.  The ruble had been faltering in recent months and as a result made gold purchases prohibitively expensive.

Some analysts are concluding that the […]

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Divers Recover 100 Tons of Silver Coins from WWII Ship

A British team of deep sea divers recovered an amazing haul of silver coins in what has been called the deepest ocean salvage operation ever recorded. The Indian silver coins known as rupees, en route to England during World War II, were discovered approximately 500 miles south of the coast of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Sea.  The wreckage was found in to two pieces covered in silt and mud, protruding at an unnatural angle.

The silver coins were recovered from 17,000 feet of deep sea water by a British underwater dive team led by John Kingsford. The team identified the sunken transport ship after spotting an unusual formation near a hillside.  This record depth created many challenges for the dive team because of temperatures and pressures and the havoc they wreak on both the divers and equipment.

After the coins were recovered, they were melted down into silver bullion valued at 34 million […]

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US Govt Must Return $80M in Gold Coins to Family

A federal judge, Marjorie Rendell, has ruled against the US government in the case Langbord et al v. U.S. Department of the Treasury et al.  The government is now required to return rare gold coins that could be worth $80M.  The Langbords submitted 10 gold coins to the Secret Service in 2003 to have them authenticated, which they did and then refused to return the coins.

Because of the law instituted in 1933, owning gold was illegal and citizens were required to turn in their gold.  The gold coins in question were minted in 1933 at the Philadelphia mint, however, those coins were never actually released to the public because of the new law.  It is the government’s assertion that the gold coins in the Langbord family’s possession were stolen.

If the coins were stolen, how did the judge rule for the government to give them back?  Because of a technicality.

The government never completed the forfeiture procedure of those […]

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Rare Coins of Value: Angel Gold Coin

The Angel rare gold coin was first produced in England in the mid 15th century as a new version of the noble, which itself was the first English gold coin produced in mass quantities. Because of this connection to the noble gold coin, the angel was originally referred to as the angel-noble. The value and size of the gold coin varied from roughly six to eleven shillings over the lifetime of the coin, and the name of the Angel gold coin was derived from the strong resemblance that it bore of the archangel Saint Michael.

The Angel gold coin was eventually replaced by the Guinea during the reign of Charles II and given completely new designs.  It became one of the first English coins minted by way of machines and not hand struck.

French Angel coins were also produced in Europe a few centuries after the English versions.  The French versions of the iconic European […]

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