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Captain Kidd Gold & Silver Pirate Treasure Found

Ocean divers discovered what they believe to be the gold and silver treasure of seventeenth century Scottish pirate William Kidd in the seas off the shores of Madagascar. The divers were able to bring to the mainland an impressive fifty kilogram silver bar worth a reported $26,000. The massive silver bar was discovered near the coast of the island of Sainte Marie from what is believed to be the wreck of the galley ship known as Adventure. The historically significant silver ingot from the Captain Kidd pirate treasure was then presented to the President of Madagascar at a special event to commemorate the remarkable discovery.

Captain Kidd, considered one of history’s greatest and most successful pirates, had amassed a fortune through pillaging and looting estimated to be worth $12,000,000 in today’s dollars. His gold and silver treasure was discovered by a team of divers led by American archeologist and explorer […]

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Royal Mint Introduces £5 Princess Coin

The Royal Mint presented the design of the new £5 gold and silver coins which commemorate the birth of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
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1880 Coiled Hair Stella $4 Gold Coin Sells for Nearly $2 Million

A rare coin collector paid $ 1.82 million for an 1880 four dollar Coiled Hair Stella gold coin at a Heritage Central States Numismatic Society convention last week.
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Gold Trades Back Over $1200

Gold enjoyed a strong bounce on Monday to once again reach the technically and psychologically important $1200 an ounce price level. The usual suspects were involved. Traders protected themselves with short coverings. Bargain hunters displaced money from the cash markets to cover short market risk and buy at what is perceived to be value levels. Safe haven demand contributed as well, as traders and investors remain skittish over valuations in paper assets such as equities and bonds.

The surge on Monday made sense as gold hit a five week low on the previous Friday. The ongoing Greek debt crisis gave solid reason for safe haven buyers to accumulate gold at the depressed levels reached last week. U. S. dollar weakness also contributed to the rise in gold prices as the yellow metal rose over $30 to north of $1210 an ounce. Silver bounced nicely as well, and is now trading at […]

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Major Investment Bank Accumulates a Record Amount of Silver

Recent reports are showing that elite investment banking firm JP Morgan has reportedly acquired more than 50 million ounces of silver since 2012. The undeniable conclusion is that Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon believes that buying and holding silver bullion is one of the best investments available in the world today.

Price drops for silver has not deterred JP Morgan as they have relentlessly and consistently added to their record setting stockpile of silver, now estimated at 55 million ounces. Recent comments by Dimon, in a letter to shareholders, give a pretty clear indication as to the beliefs of JP Morgan:  another financial crisis is on the way.  Their actions give a clear indication on how they plan to survive the coming crisis:  buying and holding silver bullion and coins.

Dimon has stated that it is impossible to know for sure what the next financial crisis trigger will be, but one always emerges. The […]

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