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Safe Haven Buying Continues in Late Week Gold Trading

Gold was up steady as we headed into the Friday trading session, trading at $1197.70 as of this writing. Investors continue to seek bargains in the precious metals complex, with the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday offering some incentive for investors as its stance on interest rate hikes was more dovish than predicted.

Geopolitical risks continue to be a factor as well, with Russian President Vladimir vowing to protect the ruble through massive gold purchases and venting angrily regarding the West’s intent to continue with economic sanctions which threaten to devastate the Russian economy.

From a technical perspective, gold has been trading in what could be described as a consolidation pattern with an upside bias. After breaking through $1200 and holding at or near that psychologically important price level, the next goal will be a breach of the technically significant $1240 level, which marks the high point of this month’s gold prices.

The next […]

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Gold Coins Anonymously Donated to Salvation Army

In a show of generosity and Christmas spirit, rare coin collectors went above and beyond typical Christmas giving and anonymously donated rare gold coins in the famous Salvation red donation buckets in Texas, Iowa and Florida. The four highly prized gold coins dropped off in Houston were a 2013 American Gold Eagle wrapped inside a $1 bill, two 1985 Canadian fifty dollar Maple Leafs and a 2009 Lady Liberty gold coin enclosed in a note which read, “A time for every purpose under the heaven…Now is a time for peace and a time to love.”

The Salvation Army also reported a slightly more unusual yet valuable gold donation in north Houston last week- a gold tooth.

These anonymous donors of rare gold coins have made the coin collecting community proud and remind us of the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

Rare coins also make a wonderful gift for family and friends during […]

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Rare 1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coin To Be Auctioned

A rare 1907 twenty dollar Double Eagle gold coin designed by famed sculptor and designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens is going up for sale next Tuesday at Bonham’s auction house.  The rare coin is expected to command a price of up to $1.5 million dollars. It is one of a set of four experimental relief twenty dollar coins which were created at the Philadelphia Mint in February of 1907.

The 1907 gold coin was at an estate sale in 1992 and was subsequently sold at auction for $143,000. In a powerful demonstration of the value and profit potential of rare gold coins, twenty two years later the same coin is now expected to bring in $1,250,000 – $1,500,000 at auction. This particular rare gold coin is nearly unique, with only two known to exist and the other having been sold to a private collector at auction in 1995 for $242,000. The two 1907 […]

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Gold Back Over $1200 as Fed Declines to Raise Interest Rates

Gold rose to over $1200 an ounceonce again as the Federal Reserve announced its plans for a cautious approach to monetary policies and future interest rate hikes. Fed Chair Janet Yellen stated that is was not likely for the Fed to raise interest rates for the next few Fed meetings.   This could very well mean that we will not see any raise in interest rates until the summer of next year.

The U.S. dollar is also trading lower as a result of the interest rate news out of the Fed.   Perhaps more important than any other factor contributing to the price of gold is the performance of the $USD. With geopolitical risks still in the mix, including situations in both the Ukraine and the Middle East, gold will now have a chance to make a run higher as the Fed hits the pause button regarding hikes in the all important interest rate issue. As we […]

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U.S. Mint to Limit Sales of JFK Anniversary Silver Set

The U.S. Mint recently revealed that it is planning to reduce the number of 50th Anniversary John F. Kennedy half dollar silver coins from a previously announced 300,000 coins to 225,000. The set of four silver coins is the third and final release designed to mark the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar.   The coin was designed in 1964 to honor the U.S. President after his assassination.

The Mint reportedly is expecting a huge level of demand for the commemorative silver coins that are composed of 90% silver and are minted at various mint locations. The silver coins are minted with both uncirculated and enhanced uncirculated finishes, with both proof and reverse proof finishes as well.

The Mint had previously announced a cap of 300,000 coins for the Kennedy silver half dollar run, with 180,000 coins available for immediate purchase. The Mint also announced that they will remove a previously established […]

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