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Gold Crosses Over $1300 an Ounce

Gold reached the $1300 an ounce price level Wednesday morning for the first time in over five months as weakness in the U.S. dollar and concerns about European Central Bank stimulus policies led to higher demand for the precious metal. Gold reached a high of over $1303 an ounce in early morning trading, and as of this writing remains north of $1303.

One of the primary catalysts for the rise in gold prices was a drop in the $USD, which fell by .3% in response to a strengthening yen after the Bank of Japan voted to keep its monetary policies unchanged despite calls for another round of monetary easing. The weakness in the $U.S. dollar is seen as a positive for gold, as it makes the dollar denominated precious metal less expensive for investors trading in non $USD currencies.

Tomorrow will be an important day for gold and the precious metals […]

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A Study of the Technical Update & Gold to Silver Ratio Profit Potential

For the astute investor that does the research and takes the time to study, maximizing profit potential as well as recognizing a buying opportunity becomes easier. For those that are unfamiliar with what to study and research, I refer you to previous articles posted and will update you on the rationale there in.

Please open Looking for a Bottom in the Precious Metals Markets and Using the Gold and Silver Ratio to Profit from Precious Metals Markets. We will use these articles to ascertain the validity of the gold to silver ratio as a tool to maximize the profit potential of your precious metal investments.
A Warning Flag May Have Risen
During the month of November 2014, the metals markets were abuzz over the “Swiss Gold Referendum” vote which was scheduled on Sunday November 30, 2014.

Most market analysts were expecting a “No” vote and it was generally accepted that a negative vote […]

Is Silver Ready to Soar Again?

The price surge in silver represents a nearly 25% spike upward in the last six weeks, and signs are pointing to even greater things ahead for silver investors.

The silver rally that we experienced last week appears to be a response to the stunning news that the Swiss National Bank plans to decouple the Swiss franc from the Euro. The Swiss National Bank had apparently grown weary of pegging the Swiss franc to the weaker Euro in an effort to bolster Switzerland’s export market.

The new focus of the currency decoupling could be a desire for Switzerland to maximize its currency’s buying power for an upcoming bond purchase program, courtesy of the European Central Bank. The resulting currency instability due to the Swiss Franc’s decoupling jolted the market.  To no one’s surprise, a flight to safety and precious metals followed.

The weekly silver chart looks promising, as silver appears to be ready to take […]

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Gold Surges to over $1250 on European Currency News

Gold traded to over $1255 an ounce overnight as the Swiss National Bank abandoned its peg to the Euro. After decoupling from the European currency, the Swiss franc rallied over 20% in a massive show of individual European currency strength.

The last straw appears to be the European Central Bank’s announcement that a new round of European quantitative easing could soon begin. Yesterday, a preliminary ruling was issued by a European court stating that the European Central Bank could begin implementing quantitative easing in its monetary policies in the near future.

The Swiss de facto vote of no confidence in European Central Bank monetary policies has created a palpable level of anxiety in global financial markets, with gold and silver prices surging and U.S. Treasuries as well. This bodes very well for investors who buy rare coins and precious metals bullion, as a flight to safety from global financial markets appears […]

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Gold Looks to Crack the Key $1239 Resistance Level

International concern regarding the political instability of Greece shortly before Greek national elections remains a key focus as gold continues its impressive climb upward in the first days of 2015. The faltering Greek economy has laid a groundwork for a liberal opposition party known as Syriza to fight for control of the European country, as Greek frustrations give way to anger regarding a listless and nearly sinking economy. Fears remain high that a political victory by Syriza in this month’s general elections will result in a leftist default of Greek debt amid an economic restructuring, with the outcome likely to be default of Greek bonds and panic in Europe.

With European economic turmoil as a backdrop, gold has marched upward close to the $1240 level, a key technical level that gold investors and traders are keenly monitoring for clues as to the next bull run for the yellow metal. As […]

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