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Gold Climbs as the U.S. Dollar Weakens and Inflation Rises

From a technical perspective, traders are looking for gold to cross over $1205 an ounce this week for a short term rally to be confirmed.   They also look for gold to hit $1225 an ounce for an even stronger confirmation of a late year rally.

Traders and investors who buy silver coins and bullion are expecting the precious metal to hit $16.50 an ounce for signs of a further rally. That price point is both technically and psychologically important for silver, which is prone to violent moves to the upside. Investors have been piling in to silver coins and bullion in recent weeks to take advantage of the bargain pricing, to the extent that the U.S. Mint recently ran out of American Eagle silver coins for delivery.

The stage is set for a year ending rally in gold and silver as gold tries to break through $1200 an ounce and silver […]

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U.S. Mint Resumes American Silver Eagle Sales

The United States Mint has resumed its sales of American Eagle silver coins, after a massive wave of demand wiped out the mint’s inventory. Low silver prices have led to nearly unprecedented demand as investors worldwide continue to flock to it as an undervalued store of real money. The Mint plans to have one million Silver Eagles available for purchase.  It remains to be seen if the quantity offered will prove to be sufficient to quench investor demand.

Despite the allocation process, sales of the iconic silver coins set a record last year, with over 42 million coins sold in 2013.  That number is expected to rise significantly by the end of 2014.

No firm date has beet set for the release of the 2015 American Silver Eagle coins.   Early January is deemed as a likely time frame. With the price of silver having risen last week, but still trading at […]

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Silver Coin Sales Explode With Rising Investor Demand

The Mint also reported that it is on pace to set a new all time record for yearly Silver Eagle coin sales, with a figure well over 40,000,000 coins sold.

Silver bars are also in high demand as silver investors continue to buy the precious metal at its current low price. The gold to silver price ratio is particularly attractive.  That, combined with ongoing concerns as to currency inflation, has led investors to flock to silver as an undervalued true store of wealth.

The remarkable surge in demand for physical silver has led to supply shortages.  It appears to be only a matter of time before the price of silver catches up to nearly historic physical demand.

The U.S. Mint plans to resume sales of American Eagle silver coins on November 17, with over one million coins available. Those coins are expected to sell out quickly.  While the 2015 Silver Eagle is scheduled to […]

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Silver Coin Sales Continue Their Impressive Rise

Investor demand for silver coins remains strong, as evidenced by the recent explosion in sales of silver bullion coins offered by the U.S. Mint. Sales rose by 40% last month to their highest levels in almost two years as public demand for physical silver continues to outpace the exchange generated pricing of the precious metal. The dichotomy remains peculiar.  Increased buying from individual silver investors and countries such as China and Russia are evidence of exceedingly strong demand for physical precious metals, one that lies in sharp contrast to their receding paper asset values.

With silver and gold trading at such attractive levels, the time is right to stock up on physical silver and gold for investment and security purposes. Call National Coin Broker today at (800) 707-7923 for pricing on silver and gold coins to add balance and value to your investment portfolio.

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Using the Gold to Silver Ratio to Profit from Precious Metals

Ownership of physical gold makes it possible for the American public to protect themselves from the possible effects of the massively accumulating national debt and monetary policy of the Federal Reserve to drastically increase the money supply.

If, in the future, the world decides the U.S. dollar is no longer the preferred reserve currency, the U.S. economy could be dealt a devastating blow. Inflation could accelerate to unexpected levels making the U.S. dollar almost worthless.

Should that occur, every American with their savings and investments based on U.S. dollars would be wiped out.  A sure way of overcoming this potential devastation is to have holdings in real currency – namely gold and silver.

Luckily, I learned this early in life.  In fact, I personally decided that dedicating my career toward the opportunities offered by precious metals was where I would find the most satisfaction and stability. I knew that throughout history, gold and silver were the only […]

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