Silver ETF Investments on Record Pace

Silver continues to attract investors, with cash inflows into silver based exchange traded funds (ETF’s) remaining strong despite the downturn in silver prices. With silver bullion down over 4% on the year, traders and long term investors are counting on the metal to outperform gold as the economic recovery takes hold.

Valued as both a financial commodity and an industrial metal, belief in silver as an investment remains unwavered as we head into the final quarter of the year.

Another factor weighing in favor of those planning to buy rare silver coins and bullion is the fact that silver investors tend to be in the investment for the long haul.   They establish positions and patiently add to them on market dips to lower average purchase costs. Dips such as we’ve seen in the past few months are a welcome sign to them, as they await the sudden and often lucrative rewards […]

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Investors Hopeful for Sharp Silver Price Gains

With the gold to silver ratio now standing at nearly 70 to 1, silver has withstood even more punishment than gold in recent months. Traders are now looking for an impressive rebound not only to stabilize silver prices but to get the precious metal back to historical levels of value relative to gold.

The gold to silver ratio stood at approximately 30 to 1 at a low point of the cycle nearly 4 years ago, and a moderate swing back in that direction would return silver prices to a level of normalcy as per gold.

Silver and gold hit medium and long term lows last Thursday morning, as the precious metals complex digested input from Janet Yellen on the Fed’s expected hike in interest rates in the coming months. If enacted, these measures would increase the appeal of paper interest bearing assets and diminish the investment community’s appetite for precious metals.

However, it […]

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Gold Price Holds Firm as Stock Market Tumbles

The price of gold managed to hold its ground in Thursday’s trading, closing flat at $1224.30.  At the same time, the stock market took a bath, with the Dow falling 260 points to close at 16,945.  Short covering and bargain hunting moved gold up about $10 an ounce in earlier trading as the U.S. dollar retraced its previous gains on the day.

Silver closed at a respectable level in the higher end of the daily range at $17.50.  Late trading provided a quick surge to $17.62 an ounce. Medium term resistance for silver remains at $18.50.  Bears will now be looking for a break below primary support at $17.00 an ounce. Buyers of rare silver coins and bullion are looking for a breakthrough of short term resistance of the metal at $17.70 and an initial level of support at $17.27.

All eyes will be on the stock market today to see if it continues […]

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Several Countries Increasing Their National Gold Reserves

The World Gold Council released a report showing that several of the wold’s largest nations are in the process of increasing their national gold reserves in 2014. The increases occurred mainly in the second quarter of this year and came on the heels of an announcement that the European Central Bank and various related European banks penned their 4th Central Bank Gold Agreement, in which they pledged to refrain from selling any significant amounts of gold. The contract is binding for the next five years and is slated to go into effect at the end of this month.

The Netherlands are just above Russia in the rankings with 612 tons, which accounts for over 54% of their foreign reserves. Japan is listed at #8 with 765 tons of gold in reserve, although it reflects only 2.5% of their wealth. Switzerland registered an impressive gold holdings of 1,040 tons of gold, […]

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Gold Looking for Seasonal Direction from Economic Data

Anyone who wants to invest in precious metals will be looking for seasonal signals from economic data released last week as they attempt to find a sense of direction with summer now having ended. The first-time weekly jobless claims number increased by nearly 11,000 according to the U.S. Labor Department, with last week’s claims number being revised to 304,000; 2,000 higher than the previous estimate. This revised and increased number of jobless claims comes on the heels of a weaker than expected non farm payrolls report that was released earlier in the day, showing that the U.S. economy was only able to produce 142,000 jobs heading into fall, lower than the expected number of 225,000.

In geopolitical news that could impact those looking to buy rare gold coins and gold bullion, President Barack Obama announced that the United States is going to pursue a more stringent course of economic sanctions against […]

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