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Apple Set to Become a Major Player in the International Gold Market

Apple Computer is scheduled to purchase nearly 750 metric tons of gold in 2015 to build the new Apple luxury watch, which is expected to retail starting in April of this year. The hefty price tag of the elite “Apple Watch Edition” model is largely due to the high gold content of the watch. The basic model (“Sports”) and mid level model (“Apple Watch”) are more modestly priced, starting at around $400. The top drawer Apple Watch Edition model is to be made out of 18 Karat gold.

Apple is undoubtedly counting on its legions of fans and supporters to jump on the bandwagon with the new and technologically advanced watch, and for them to spend some of their enormous combined wealth on the new technology. The company is also counting on the watch to be a hit with their more stylish fans, and the watch to become a new must […]

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Gold Closes Strong for Best Week in Two Months

Gold prices reached a two month high this week and closed strong at $1184 an ounce. Precious metals and most other commodities were strengthened by Federal Reserve comments that expressed caution on further interest rate hikes.

This news also curtailed the ongoing rally of the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar, which in recent months has managed to show massive signs of strength, fell nearly 2% versus other major world currencies after the Fed reduced its inflation and growth projections earlier in the week.

Gold did the opposite and recorded an impressive 2% gain, bouncing back strongly from a four month low that it posted on Tuesday of last week. Gold seemed prepared to drop further in response to the Fed going forward with an interest rate hike, which would have been the first in almost a decade. The change in the Fed’s plans, however, put a stop to that and led to […]

Rare US Coin Market Sets Record in 2014

According to a statement released by the Professional Numismatists Guild, the rare US coins market set a record for sales of US coins at major auctions. Nearly $536 million changed hands in the buying and selling of rare US coins in 2014.

There were 12 rare US coins that sold for over a million dollars each:

1776 continental silver dollar – NGC MS63 sold for $1,410,000
1927-D Saint Gaudens $20 gold – PCGS MS63 sold for $1,292,500
1797 silver half dollar – PCGS Secure MS65+ sold for $1,292,500
1792 half dime (dime) – PCGS Secure 67 sold for $1,292,500
1794 Half cent – PCGS MS67 sold for $1,150,000
1811 half cent – PCGS MS66 sold for $1,121,250


PNG estimates the rare US coin market is valued at about $5 billion as of this release.

“We estimate the overall coin market in the U.S. at about $5 billion in 2014. That includes auctions and private transactions made at coin […]

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Rare Uncirculated 1857-C Gold Dollar – NGC MS62

According to PCGS, by 1855, Mint officials knew that the Type Two gold dollar was a failure. Accordingly, Mint Engraver James Longacre began to work on a new design to improve the success of the gold dollar coin. Consequently, the resulting Indian Princess design was made broader and placed closer to the border. The relief details were lowered in an attempt to make the strike sharper on both sides of the coin.

Production of the new coins, known as Type Three gold dollars, began at Philadelphia, San Francisco and Dahlonega in 1856, with the Charlotte Mint beginning in 1857. Unfortunately, the new design proved no more successful than the old. In fact, for Charlotte coins, the quality of the strike is just as bad for the 1857-C as it was for the Type Two gold dollars.

Unlike many other low grade uncirculated coins you will see, this one actually looks uncirculated. […]

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Danish Amateur Archaeologists Unearth Silver Coin Treasure

Amateur archaeologists in Denmark made a significant discovery of silver coins dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries in the Falster region of Denmark. The three budding treasure seekers were using metal detectors when they found a stash of 75 silver coins and pieces of a silver belt. The coins have a combined weight of over two kilograms and are, according to local officials, representative of a common form of international hard currency from that part of Europe in the 1600’s.

Interestingly enough, more silver treasure was unearthed from the same exact field decades earlier in the 1940’s. Two silver knife scabbards and silver belt loops, worn most likely by upper class women from the Renaissance period, were discovered from the same location and are now on permanent display at the National Museum of Denmark. The rare silver coins recently discovered will be put on display at the Museet Falsters Minder […]

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