Gold Falls to Three Month Low as U.S. Dollar Rises

Gold coins have become much easier to buy in the recent weeks with the decline in gold’s spot price.  It fell to a three month low of $1243 on Wednesday as a response to the U.S. dollar rising to a new 14 month high and expectations growing that the Federal Reserve is planning to raise interest rates in 2015. A rise in interest rates would diminish the appeal of gold investments as non interest bearing assets and conversely enhance the appeal of paper assets that offer interest income.
Gold Coins vs Paper Currency
The U.S. dollar climbed to a new six year high versus the Japanese yen and has been climbing for over two months now against a basket of the world’s most liquid currencies. With gold considered an inflationary hedge against the U.S. dollar, the non inflationary data being released has led global money managers to at least temporarily focus […]

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Investing in Precious Metals on an Average Income

Investing in precious metals has far outgrown the notion that it is a financial sector intended just for the wealthy. More and more Americans are deciding for varying reasons that our uncertain economy and the complex age that we live in set the perfect stage for diversifying resources into real, tangible and trustworthy investments.

As geopolitical conflicts rage from Europe to the middle East and hyperinflation threatens paper currencies throughout the world, investors of moderate means are inclined to search for financial stability in whatever form that they can find it. With interest rates recently at historic lows and stock markets at overheated levels, attention has focused for many moderate income investors on the precious metals complex. With a little thought and some proper money management skills, precious metals can offer the average American not only increased capital stability but also the chance to prosper through prudent investments in the coming years.

For […]

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What Is the Gold to Silver Ratio?

The gold to silver ratio has long been used by investors as a tool to determine the price relationship between gold and silver and how the prices of these precious metals compare relative to historical norms. The ratio simply determines how many ounces of silver that it would take to purchase one ounce of gold. At today’s prices of $19.50 per ounce for silver and $1288 per ounce for gold, the current gold to silver ratio stands at just over 66.

An understanding of the historical significance of the gold to silver ratio allows investors to gauge which of the two precious metals is overvalued, or conversely undervalued, compared to the other. Historically, the gold to silver ratio has fluctuated between 14 and 100, with the last five years seeing a low of 32 and a high of 72. The current gold to silver ratio of 66 is an indication […]

Platinum – the Other White Metal

Platinum is another of the white metals that is frequently misunderstood and offers great rewards to investors who buy rare coins and bullion. One of the primary attributes of platinum is that it is quite rare: there is approximately thirty times more gold in the world than platinum, and by most estimates, all of the platinum ever mined could fit into a twenty foot cube. Despite this, platinum trades at only a $150 premium to gold at current spot prices. The question is, given its rarity and prized value as a jewelry and industrial precious metal, why isn’t platinum currently trading at a much higher premium relative to gold?

As with palladium, platinum is widely valued in the auto industry for its use in catalytic converters, which curb dangerous emissions and, as such, protect the environment. It also shares palladium’s role in the high tech wold as a highly valued […]

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Palladium – A Rising Star in Precious Metals Investment

While nearly 50% of all silver produced is devoted to industrial uses, palladium is heavily relied upon in industrial production as well. The auto industry relies upon the white precious metal as a vital component used in catalytic converters, which perform the important task of controlling noxious emissions from cars and trucks. As we move toward an increasingly green planet with an emphasis on protecting the environment, the demand for palladium in catalytic converters will only grow as time passes. Palladium is also a key component of hi tech products such as disk drives, electrodes, batteries and LCD monitors, all of which are staples used on a daily basis in our expanding era of computer and technology usage.

Global demand for palladium in the automobile industry has risen 5% so far this year and the demand for palladium is rising in the energy field as well, particularly in natural gas […]

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