The JFK Commemorative Half Dollar Gold Coin

The United States Mint has issued a John F. Kennedy gold coin to commemorate the fiftieth year of production of the Kennedy silver half dollar. The proof gold coin features the iconic Gilroy Roberts design of the J.F.K. Profile on the obverse and the American eagle on the reverse.

The J.F.K. gold half dollar contains three quarters of a troy ounce of pure gold, with the 99,99% fineness making it one of the highest quality gold coins available on the market today. The dates on the coin reflect the fifty years that the original J.F.K. half dollar coin has been in production, originally released the year after the tragic assassination of the President. The West Point mint has created a mirror-like finish on the gold coin, an appropriate choice for a nation which often reflects on the presidency of Kennedy and the sense of hope that his brief term gave to so […]

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Gold Demand on the Rise in China and India

Gold has seen a dramatic upswing in sales in China and India, as China ends its Golden Week extended holiday and India gears up for its own holiday season. Chinese consumers increased their gold purchases, reflected in the sales data of retailers as the country concluded its week of celebration of the National Day patriotic holiday. Gold prices jumped to a six dollar premium on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in response to the uptick in domestic gold demand, up sharply from the more common three dollar premium as compared to the benchmark XAU index traded on the NASDAQ.

Some provinces of China saw gold bullion and jewelry sales increase significantly as Golden Week certainly lived up to its name.

Demand from those looking to buy rare gold coins, gold bullion and jewelry has been increasing in India as well, the world’s second largest consumer of the yellow metal. With the Indian […]

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Precious Metals Rise as Stock Markets Extend Slide

Safe haven demand from buyers of rare gold coins and gold bullion continued to rise on Wednesday as stock markets took yet another tumble. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average down over 450 points at one point during the trading day, investors continued to pile into gold as the equities blood bath continued. In a matter of days, the Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ have given up all of their gains from 2014 as macroeconomic concerns, worries over the Ebola virus outbreak and fears of equities overvaluation led traders to once again seek out precious metals as safe haven investments.

The Producer Price Index (PPI) was also less than impressive, with the PPI down 0.1% for the month of September. The weak economic data released proved too much for the reeling stock market, which was also figuring out how to process and evaluate the global threat of the Ebola virus […]

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Understanding Gold Support & Resistance Levels

Support and resistance levels are invaluable tools in determining when gold is most likely to break out into a higher price level, stay within a certain trading range, or fall below a previously established low in gold spot prices.
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Gold Coins Feature: The Chinese Gold Panda

With the Chinese government only carrying 1% of their massive foreign reserves in gold, an effort by them to diversify out of paper assets and into hard currencies like precious metals would come as little surprise. One of the more intriguing gold coins on the market today is China’s very own Gold Panda, introduced in 1982. China also produces Silver Panda coins, with production of these versions of the coin having begun a year later in 1983.


Acting as the national gold coin of China, the Gold Panda is a very pure and high quality gold coin measuring in at .999 fineness and offered in sizes ranging from 1/20th of a troy ounce to one full troy ounce.  The obverse of the Chinese Gold Panda coin depicts the famous Chinese Temple of Heaven at the center of the coin, with an inscription on top that translates to “People’s Republic of […]

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