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The biggest factor driving the higher prices when you buy gold coins that are rare is the fact that they are not produced any more. The last of these coins to be minted were in the early 1930’s. This means that the amount of rare coins in existence is slowly dwindling as more and more people want to buy rare gold coins to hold as security and as part of their collections for the future.

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When you buy rare gold coins as a collector or an investor you do […]

  • Gold Looks to Further Last Week's Gains
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    Gold Shines Even Brighter as Stock Indices Tumble for the Week

Gold Shines Even Brighter as Stock Indices Tumble for the Week

Gold not only enjoyed a solid week, it proved to be a stellar safe haven investment as the major U.S. stock market indices plummeted this week. Momentum stocks, particularly those in the tech and bio tech sectors, tumbled as the growth story waned in an increasingly tired bull market. The Dow fell almost 400 points on the week, with the S&P 500 down just about 50 points and the NASDAQ leading the way down 128 points and over 3%. The Russell 2000 weighed in as well down 3.6%, showing that the malaise has infected even the smaller cap U.S. stock market.

The S&P 500 might very well test its 200 day moving average, which would bring it down to around the 1750 level. New stock price highs are also drying up, down from over 900 just over a year ago to around 500 now. In short, signs are evident across […]

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Gold Price Reaches Two Week High

Gold traded over $1320 an ounce on Thursday as the stock market took a massive hit and the weak U.S. dollar index resulted in a round of safe haven buying of the yellow metal. Equities selling reigned across the board, with the Dow falling 267 points, the S&P 500 dropping 39 points for a 2% loss and the NASDAQ sinking 130 points for its largest drop since 2011. Investors cut back positions in the overheated technology and biotech sectors with some of that money running to gold and silver, which closed up 23 cents after reaching a gain of 45 cents earlier in the day.

Safe haven demand for the precious metals flourished Thursday, with silver back up over $20 an ounce to close at $20.03 and gold closing at a robust $1320.50 an ounce. The U.S. dollar index continued to show weakness and the Fed appears to be more […]

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Gold Rises on Ukraine Conflict, Weaker U.S. Dollar

Gold rose in trading on Tuesday as tensions mounted in the Ukraine and the euro gained ground against the U.S. dollar. Troops were sent to the Ukraine city of Kharkiv by the ruling party in the wake of pro-Russian crowds forcing themselves into control of public buildings in the eastern Ukranian town. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin brought to surface the troubling prospect of Ukranian military intervention with the protesters leading to civil war, and suggested that American mercenaries have come to the aid of Ukraine troops. That, according to Putin, would be an untenable situation that could lead to a significant conflict escalation.

Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar continued to slump versus the euro, rising to over $1.38 versus the U.S. dollar. The combined news sent gold up on the day, closing at $1308.50 and trading as high as $1314 after hours. With key technical levels been surpassed at the $1295 and $1300 levels, it looks to be shaping […]

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Iraq Buys Over $1.5 Billion in Gold Bullion

In a surprise move Iraq purchased 36 metric tonnes of gold in March valued at over $1.5 billion, the largest acquisition of gold by a single country in the last three years. The bold move is attributed to a desire of the Central Bank of Iraq to take measures to stabilize the nations currency, the Iraqi dinar, versus foreign currencies, the Iraqi government announced via email. As of last August, the country owned just under thirty tons of gold bullion, and this month’s purchase was the largest national acquisition of gold since Mexico’s purchase of just under 80 metric tonnes in 2011.

The sizable gold purchase now makes Iraq the 40th largest gold holding country in the world, and the move is an early signal that middle eastern central banks are now looking to establish larger positions in gold. Mexico now holds over 120 tons of the yellow metal, and […]