Don’t Get Caught Bottom Fishing

When will the FED raise interest rates? That is the question that dominates investment speculation. Despite not knowing when, hints from investment analysts and FED meeting quotes both point to the fact that the FED will increase interest rates. When that occurs, it will be bearish for the precious metals.

I’d like to point out that metals have already been trading lower in anticipation of a FED move. Because brokers always act in anticipation of market altering events, they have driven the price of gold and silver down to 5 year lows.

Some investors are now at risk for what I refer to as bottom fishing. This occurs when an investor is so bearish towards precious metals, he waits to buy trying to catch the absolute bottom of the market. Unfortunately, what usually happens is the investors waits to long, never buys and misses the whole move in the market. Now that […]

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Gold Charts Show Now Is the Time to Buy

The above chart shows you what commodity brokers are looking at in the gold market. When the down channel resistance line (red) is breeched we will be in a 3rd leg of a long term bullish market.

IF we get to the long term support line (green), we will have the best buying opportunity in the past 15 years.

You will notice in the chart that we have a “Flag Pattern”, like an old baseball team pennant, that only gets tighter as time passes. This pattern makes traders look for “higher” lows, which lowers the eventual break out point. This will change a long-term bear cycle into a new, long-term bull market cycle. The initial breakout point could become very volatile and would make bottom fishers chase a “baby bull”.

Either way it goes, cost averaging down is the only sensible strategy to protect one’s wealth against a fiat currency collapse.

I have been […]

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Stay Alert!! Pay attention to world economic situations

The meltdown of the Chinese stock market and the Greek debt default and possible Greek Euro exit made last week quite interesting. In addition, the U.S. Mint sales of both gold and silver soared. The mint announced sales of Gold Eagle increased from 21,500 oz. in May to 76,000 oz. in June.

At the same time, just last week, the demand for U.S. mint silver eagles was so brisk the Mint announced the sale of silver eagles would be suspended for 2 weeks. This is a prime example of the demand that will most likely occur in the future with anticipated further economic disasters, due to fiat currencies being the only means of debt relief.

While the Greek government has apparently been able to get a possible bailout package form the ECB (European Central Bank) this week, it is highly unlikely this is the solution that will forestall any future problems. The […]

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The Benefits of a Cost Average Program in the Silver Market

One way to reduce the risk in investing in silver is to use a strategy known as cost averaging. This strategy breaks up a large lump sum investment of silver into smaller purchases made at regular intervals. This strategy reduces the risk of a substantial loss should silver experience a dramatic fall in price.

This strategy also helps reduce the average cost of an ounce of silver by purchasing more silver when prices are down and less when prices are up. When the entire amount to be invested is finally in silver, the average cost per ounce will be less.
Consider the following example:
Let’s assume that you want to purchase 7000 oz of silver and you start buying when silver is around $20 an ounce. But, the price of silver starts falling over the next few years to a low of $8.00 an oz. Fortunately, you decided to buy under a cost […]

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Captain Kidd Gold & Silver Pirate Treasure Found

Ocean divers discovered what they believe to be the gold and silver treasure of seventeenth century Scottish pirate William Kidd in the seas off the shores of Madagascar. The divers were able to bring to the mainland an impressive fifty kilogram silver bar worth a reported $26,000. The massive silver bar was discovered near the coast of the island of Sainte Marie from what is believed to be the wreck of the galley ship known as Adventure. The historically significant silver ingot from the Captain Kidd pirate treasure was then presented to the President of Madagascar at a special event to commemorate the remarkable discovery.

Captain Kidd, considered one of history’s greatest and most successful pirates, had amassed a fortune through pillaging and looting estimated to be worth $12,000,000 in today’s dollars. His gold and silver treasure was discovered by a team of divers led by American archeologist and explorer Barry […]

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