The Australian Gold Nugget Coin

The Australian Gold Nugget is one of the world’s purest minted gold bullion coins. The coins act as legal tender in Australia and are available in a wide variety of denominations, ranging from 1/20th of an ounce to a full kilogram of pure gold. With such a broad spectrum of sizes available, these gold coins have become a favorite of not only rare coin collectors but survivalists as well, who value the more easily tradable smaller sizes.

The Gold Nugget began production in 1986 and is minted by the Gold Corporation, which is owned by the Western Australia government. The first several versions of the Gold Nugget’s design depicted gold nuggets on the reverse, with the design being altered in 1990 to feature one of the sixty different species of the Australian kangaroo. Every one of the Gold Nugget reverses since 1990 has featured a different version of the indigenous […]

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The American Buffalo Gold Coin

With a legal tender face value of $50, the American Buffalo adopted the iconic design of the Indian Head nickel which itself began production in 1913. The obverse of the gold coin depicts a classic American Indian profile design which its creator, James Earle Fraser, attributed to a combination of three famous American Indian chiefs: Big Tree of the Seneca nation, Iron Tail of the Lakota tribe and Two Moons of the Cheyenne tribe and the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn. The obverse also includes the word “Liberty” on the top right, the initial “R” to honor its creator Fraser and the “W” stamp to the left indicating production at the West Point Mint.

The reverse of this classic American gold coin depicts an American bison standing tall on top of a mound of dirt. The design is reportedly based on a bison named Black Diamond who lived in New […]

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The Week Ahead For Gold

Those looking to buy gold bullion and rare coins this week will be keeping a sharp eye on the Federal Reserve as it meets for its annual conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen is scheduled to speak on Friday, August 22 with other Board members slated to speak as well. Yellen is expected to talk specifically to the ongoing low wage issue effecting the national economy and the overall tepid growth in quality full time jobs. Also on tap is the release of the latest FOMC meeting minutes, providing further insight into how the Fed plans to attack our shaky economy and, indirectly, how those measures are likely to effect the price of gold.

With the end of summer upon us and the other key issue as per gold being geopolitical situations in Gaza and Ukraine, what remains to be seen is to what extent gold will […]

What Is Junk Silver?


Junk silver coins are usually sold by the bag and have a silver content of 35% to 90% silver, with the most common version being coin silver, the term given to U.S. silver coins that were minted using a 90% silver alloy. Forms of this silver grade are found in U.S. coins including Morgan and Peace dollars, Kennedy, Franklin, Walking Liberty and Barber half dollars, Washington, Standing Liberty and Barber Quarters, Roosevelt, Liberty and Barber dimes and Wartime Jefferson nickels (WWII era, 35% silver on these nickels).

Several other countries have their own versions of junk silver coins, and the common thread for investors is owning an easily accessible and tradeable form of silver that could be used for barter in extreme situations. For these reasons, junk silver is a favorite investment of the growing survivalist community who see the value in having a supply of precious metals if and […]

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The American Platinum Eagle

For rare coin collectors and investors who are looking to add something a bit different and certainly special to their portfolio, one of the truly premium items on the investment coin market today is the American Platinum Eagle. Renowned for its status as the official platinum bullion coin of America, the American Platinum Eagle is a stunning combination of exquisite 99.95% platinum along with design that retains a traditional Statue of Liberty obverse with a new and outstanding reverse design, changed on a yearly basis.

The American Platinum Eagle is minted in various sizes, each assigned a legal tender face value that is far from indicative of its true worth due to the coins’ platinum content: the 1/10 troy ounce coin with a face value of $10, the ¼ troy ounce coin with a face value of $25, the 1/2 troy ounce coin with a face value of $50 and the […]

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