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At National Coin Broker we’re passionate about what we do! People call me all the time because they’re looking for good value when buying rare coins and bullion related items or selling their rare gold coins, precious metals and rare numismatic holdings. All are on common ground- they’re looking for a reputable source of information to assist them in making the right decision.  National Coin broker is that source!

Our Coin Webinars Are Customized Just for You

I realize that today’s sophisticated investor maintains a very hectic schedule.  With this in mind, I have set up various educational webinars to help accommodate the numismatic novice or provide the more seasoned investor with current and pertinent market data at your convenience. So if you’re looking to buy gold coins as a hedge against inflation or if buying rare coins seems to be a fortuitous diversification from paperback assets please contact me, Ross C. Baldwin, President and CEO of National Coin Broker, to set up a private one-on-one internet session. I, along with my seasoned staff, have over 100 years of experience in the field of numismatics and precious metals.

Put our experience to work for you

Buying rare coins from the private public sector, major auctions or on the convention floor is something that National Coin Broker does each and every day. Since we are a major market maker in the industry, we are always in the marketplace for quality numismatic items. For the novice or for those on a limited budget, there are numerous ways to invest wisely in the numismatic field and safely into precious metals. Conversely, if your finances will accommodate a six-figure numismatic rarity or if you’re looking to buy gold coins or silver bars for their bullion content to preserve financial wealth, National Coin Broker is your source.

Personal recommendations to meet your goals

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good education before investing in rare coins and precious metals. During the webinar, I’ll walk you through key elements like “value traps”, rarity, market trends, how to select grading services and much more. Buying rare coins can be rewarding financially and aesthetically. For some veteran collectors and investors, an appreciation for the fine art, numismatic history and rarity transcends the hobby. We can wholeheartedly recommend buying rare coins; not only as a collectible but as a superb investment vehicle. Of course as is the case with any situation purchasing the right material at the right time is paramount. We will be happy to explain the advantages to you. Whether you’re looking to buy truly rare gold coins from our storied numismatic past or if you’re anxious to buy gold coins which are semi-numismatic or simply those which are considered bullion, we would be happy to make recommendations to accommodate you. Click Here to read more about our webinars

Webinars are always a free service to you

There is no obligation and no charge to you as I believe an educated client is a wiser investor. It would be very easy for us to just say “buy gold coins” but from which series, what denomination? Or would it be wiser to select rare gold coins from a branch mint such as New Orleans or Carson City for your portfolio? The more educated you are about collecting and investing the more you’ll appreciate National Coin Broker. Many of our clients are as passionate about their specialized field of collecting and investing as we are! While some gravitate towards early federal issues, others are drawn to rare gold coins. Whether it be Half Eagle,Eagles or Double Eagles to many it is a thrill just to buy gold coins and physically hold these historic relics from our storied past. Once you sign up for one of my Webinars, I will supply you with a private access code, then at the agreed-upon time we will start the conference. Get comfortable, have a pen and paper at hand and we’re good to go!


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