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United States Mint Resumes Minting One-Ounce American Eagle Platinum Bullion

In response to customer feedback, the United States Mint has resumed production and sales of one-ounce platinum bullion coins.  The coins will be available for purchase March 10.

“We listened to our customers and are pleased to once again offer platinum bullion,” said United States Mint Deputy Director Richard A. Peterson.  “Thanks to the hard work of our team, the West Point facility has begun striking platinum bullion coins for the first time since 2008.”

In anticipation of the sale of the new platinum coins, the U.S. Mint has built up a sufficient inventory of platinum, with already over 1,000 coins having been ordered since the announcement. 2008 marked the last year that the U.S. Mint sold platinum coins, as demand for the coins lessened after platinum prices climbed dramatically at the beginning of 2008. Investor and collector demand switched focus to gold and silver coins at that time, with even greater […]

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American Platinum Eagle

Bullion Coins: American Platinum Eagle
By the mid-1980s world demand for citizen ownership of precious metals was growing, particularly for silver and gold. Responding to the production and sale of silver and gold coins by other countries such as Canada and South Africa, Congress authorized the U.S. Mint to begin producing gold and silver bullion coins through the authority of the Bullion Coin Act of 1985. Platinum Eagle coins were added to U.S. government bullion offerings in 1997, initiated as part of the Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1997 (P.L. 104-208 proof; P.L. 99-61 bullion). Though estimated to be 15 times more scarce than gold, and expensive to refine, platinum bullion has for several years tracked at only about double gold’s price. Four different sizes of Platinum Eagle coins are offered by the Mint, all in 0.9995 purity: the one ounce, with a $100 face value (the highest face value […]

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