Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

A gold bar is a quantity of refined metallic gold of any shape that is made by a bar producer meeting standard conditions of manufacture, labeling, and record keeping. Larger gold bars that are produced by pouring the molten metal into molds are called ingots. Smaller bars may be manufactured by minting or stamping from appropriately rolled gold sheets.

The standard gold bar held as gold reserves by central banks and traded among bullion dealer is the 400-troy-ounce (12.4 kg or 438.9 ounces) Good Delivery gold bar.

The kilobar, which is to say 1000 grams in mass, is the bar that is more manageable and is used extensively for trading and investment. The premium on these bars when traded is very low over the spot value of the gold making it ideal for small transfers between banks and traders. Most kilobars are flat, although some investors, particularly in Europe, prefer the brick […]

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Perth Mint Gold Bars

The Perth Mint produces a range of Gold Minted Bars. These bullion bars come in 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz and 10oz sizes. Representing an exceptionally convenient way to store physical gold all minted bars are priced at a dollar premium over metal.

The Perth Mint’s range of Minted Bars feature The Perth Mint logo and hopping kangaroo motifs. Each bar, which displays its weight and purity, is packaged in a green tamper-proof display card.

While the fabrication cost of bars is generally lower than coins, if portability and international tradability is important to you we suggest you consider our bullion coins.

The Perth Mint
The Perth Mint in Western Australia was set up in 1899 as a branch of the British Royal Mint, primarily to refine gold whihc had been discovered in the area, and coin it into gold sovereigns. Although it ceased to produce sovereigns in 1931, and is no longer a branch […]

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Pamp Gold Bars

Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux (PAMP) is a refinery of gold, silver, and platinum metals. Established in Switzerland in 1977, PAMP is one of the world’s premier gold refiners and has a brand name that is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of excellence and sound provenance.

PAMP bars are produced in a variety of sizes and are easy to sell and trade because the PAMP trademark is recognized and accepted by traders and wholesalers all across the world.

Accredited as “Good Delivery” by the Swiss National Bank and the London Bullion Market Association, PAMP 24-Karat gold bars contain a purity of 99.99% and have been traded on world investment markets since 1979.

Sealed and Registered – Each “Gold Dream” Swiss bar is individually registered and then sealed in a protective holder along with its official “Assay Certificate,” that guarantees the fineness of 99.99% pure gold and the one troy ounce content.

Pamp Suisse Gold […]

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