The chance to buy rare gold coins is not one to be missed if you’re looking at investing in gold or buying gold coins for an IRA. Rare gold coins are one of the only investments that have managed to beat the markets, buck the financial trends and ensure excellent long-term yields for the people who own them.

The biggest factor driving the higher prices when you buy gold coins that are rare is the fact that they are not produced any more. The last of these coins to be minted were in the early 1930’s. This means that the amount of rare coins in existence is slowly dwindling as more and more people want to buy rare gold coins to hold as security and as part of their collections for the future.

Buy Rare Gold Coins Without IRS Reporting

Buy Rare Gold Coins - The American Eagle


When you buy rare gold coins as a collector or an investor you do not have to report the transaction to the IRS. If you buy rare coins, they are classified as a “collectible” by the IRS, meaning you do not have to complete a 1099-B reporting form to the IRS. This has meant a great deal to Americans who are looking for a way to secure their wealth without compromising their privacy.

There are several laws surrounding the amount of gold bullion that an individual may have and may purchase. When you buy rare coins, there are no restrictions on the amount that you may purchase and they may not be confiscated by the government. There have been rumblings in financial circles in Washington about the confiscation of gold bullion, but just like in 1933 – the last confiscation of gold bullion – rare gold coins will again be exempt.

Liquid Gold When You Buy Rare Gold Coins

Gold is considered to be a liquid asset, which means that it is almost a form of cash. Having cash on hand during a recession or in times of economic depression is one of the most valuable ways of keeping your investments safe. When you buy gold coins that are rare, you are assured of their value.  At the very least, they will always be as valuable as the amount of gold that they contain.  More than likely, they will increase in value as you hold them.

Where To Buy Rare Gold Coins

There is an electronic exchange, much like the stock exchange markets, where rare coins of gold are bought and sold every day. You can also buy rare gold coins online through a reputable and registered dealer as well as at gold coin shows that are held across America. There is no restriction on the trade in gold coins and collectible gold bullion making it the smart choice for savvy investors today.

Now is the time to buy rare gold coins

If you are interested in buying rare gold coins to diversify to your investment portfolio, we encourage you to download our Free Investors Guide to Rare Coins.  We put this informative guide together to provide current and potential investors with the benefits and advantages of investing in precious metals and rare coins.  It’s free and available for immediate download.