The Vienna Philharmonic coin is struck from pure, 999.9 fine (24 karats) gold. It is issued every year, in four different face values, sizes and weights. According to the World Gold Council, it was the best-selling gold coin worldwide in 1992, 1995 and 1996.

Because the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin is legal tender in Austria with actual face value, it is backed by the Austrian government, making it an incredibly safe and secure gold coin investment. Each year, commemorative coins (non-legal tender gold coins) are struck as part of an overall theme, such as the anniversaries of historical events, Austria and her people series, art history series and more.

These coins are pure, beautiful and internationally recognized, making them a perfect hard asset to add to your collections or investments.

Current Prices (informational only)

1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – $1,283.70
1/2 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – $641.85
1/4 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – $320.92
1/10 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – $128.37
1/20 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – $64.18

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